10 MASCULINE Accessories EVERY Guy Must Own!

July 18, 2021
Accessories are what make an outfit ‘right’. Anyone can wear a basic tee, badass jeans, and a jacket, but the accessories will set it apart and elevate the aesthetic. BUT, not all accessories were created equal. For example, some will make you look a little feminine (like my earrings). That being said, I am going over accessories that are the most masculine, which I will be showing you some of the personal items that I love.

Accessorize to look devastatingly manly

  1. Double ring belt — it’s super manly. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE Anson belts, but I also love the subtle, clean, and simple masculinity of the double ring belt. I got mine at the J. Crew discount rack, custom, and Suit Supply, but you can find variations online too.
  2. Baseball hats — but don’t turn it around backward. It will make you look more youthful and immature. Also, you can’t wear it all the time. When you’re eating out, for example, you should take it off.
  3. Solid steel sports watch — the steel sports watch can be dressed down or dressed up in suits. Typically, a size 40 is perfect for most guys, but some smaller ones will look a bit more feminine on most men. If you have a very small wrist, go with a minimum of 38 case. A cool way to wear your watch is to remove the steel strap and add a black NATO strap, which will dress it down and add fun, flavorful flair.
  4. Simple, clean black tie — when paired with light or charcoal gray, it’s devastatingly sexy.
  5. Badass pair of sexy sunglasses — all sunglasses were not created equal; some are more masculine, and some are more feminine. The matte black shades with solid black lenses (ENEMY 01s) are sheer perfection and look great on everyone. If you want to change it up, you could go with gradient lenses, which look old-school movie star. Another all-time favorite of mine is the tortoise with gradient lenses.
  6. Slim wallet — big fat wallets are NOT super sexy. Elevate your masculine style with a slim wallet that fits aesthetically better in your pocket or jacket. Don’t jack up your lines and sexiness with an overly stuffed wallet.
  7. A nice pen — it’s a way to be a bit classier and cooler, and you will have a story to tell with that pen (whether it was a gift to you or if you bought it for a special occasion, or to mark an event in your life). Kevin O’Leary got me all excited about pens when I gave him a makeover (https://iamalpham.com/shark-tank-mr-wonderful-kevin-oleary-extreme-makeover/). 
  8. Pocket knife — you not only feel safer, but it’s really handy. But I also get peace of mind carrying mine because I feel it’s personal protection.
  9. A ring — it’s one of the most masculine accessories a dude can rock. Remember only to wear one ring per hand.  I love my signet ring, but you don’t need to have your initial. You could get a different design. Andres custom-made mine for me, and now they’re for sale on ENEMY.com.
  10. Leather bag — it’s a cool way to carry your stuff. I use a canvas bag too, but when I go to meetings, dress nicer, or impress someone, I carry my leather bag.


For under $100, ENEMY shades feature the highest quality components, including Zeiss lenses, handmade Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, and spring hinges for a secure but comfortable fit. ENEMY also has stylish custom rings and sexy slim wallets.


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