12 Red Flags You’re NOT as Healthy as You THINK!

February 28, 2024
This video is one of the most important you will ever watch from me. I will review warning signs your body is giving, indicating you’re not as healthy as you believe. Take good care of yourself, and do not bury your head in the sand. Know what’s going on because you can take preventative measures. Your health is your number one valuable asset. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what car you drive, or how many spicy senoritas you kick it with; your health matters most. Catch things early so they can be fixed. 
  • Keep in mind that I’m not a health nut weirdo. I don’t think that everything is going to give you cancer. I also don’t believe alkalized water can cure everything that ails you. Your body and health are your most valuable assets, and I would optimize health instead of going to the doctor for medication.
  • Our health system is also broken. BUT, if something is wrong with you, go to the doctor immediately.
  • You should also perform preventative maintenance, such as getting blood work done to have a baseline. It’s simple. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how good you feel, or how amazing you look; you need blood work done. It’s like looking under the hood, so to speak. You can have those markers checked to see what has changed.

Know what’s going on with your body.

You need to know what’s going on with your body because it doesn’t tell the whole story just because it looks good. Check out Merrick Health, which is blowing my mind. Experience a truly revolutionary approach to your healthcare with Marek Health. USE code ALPHAM for a special discount. You’ll be impressed with Marek Health, as the entire process blew me away. Get started today.

Pay attention to these warning signs that your body is not as healthy as it needs to be.

  1. Mouth issues. (a) Bad breath could mean that you have reflux, which could lead to esophageal cancer. (b) Brittle teeth. This is a sign you aren’t getting the micronutrients you need. (c) Bleeding gums. This is a sign of issues with your gums and deficiency in certain micronutrients.
  2. Odd eye colors. (a) Red eyes could mean allergies, not getting enough sleep, or high blood pressure, which could lead to heart attack or stroke. (b) The whites of your eyes turning to yellow color could mean liver issues. You could take a holistic approach to help repair your liver.
  3. Changes with Big Al & the Twins. (a) Smaller nuts. If the Twins feel like they’re getting smaller, this could be a sign of dropping testosterone levels. (b) Smaller load. When you shoot a load, if it’s smaller, this could be an indicator that your testosterone has dropped. (c) Softer big owl. This is another sign that your testosterone level could be low.
  4. Lethargy. This could also be a sign that your testosterone level has dropped too low.
  5. Anger, hostility, or pissed off all the time. Even if life is stressful, you need to address these feelings.
  6. Hair challenges. (a) Brittle hair and hair breakage are signs of micronutrient deficiency. (b) Losing hair. Any hair loss could be another sign of testosterone levels not being where they should be. It could also be an issue with micronutrients.
  7. Fat & muscle challenges. (a) Gynecomastia is a sign of low testosterone or weight gain. (b) Love handles are another sign of low testosterone. (c) Difficulty building muscle. If you have difficulty packing on muscle or have low muscle mass, this could be a testosterone warning sign.
  8. Tired, sluggish, not sleeping well. If you also don’t want to get frisky, this is another warning sign up to testosterone level.
  9. Distended stomach. If this is not from fat, something could be going on with your gut health.
  10. Odd-looking deuces. If it’s black, it means you’re bleeding. If it’s bloody, you could have hemorrhoids or something else like an ulcer. If your deuces are hard, you may need more fiber. If they are too liquid, that’s not normal.
  11. Weight gain. If you’re gaining weight, something’s going on with your body.
  12. Funky nails. If your nails are yellow or discolored, have white specks, or are brittle & cracking, something is happening at the micronutrient level. 

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