80% of Women Say “THIS” Is the BEST Size PENIS {Length & Girth}

November 20, 2023
Today, I want to discuss one big misconception about men. We may be too small or not big enough because we watch the movies. Right? This has affected me my entire life, and I’ve always been insecure about it. That was until I started using Bathmate, which I grew about an inch in length. But what concerned me was thickness because I wasn’t a thick dude.

So the other day, when I saw this article that published a study done by Men’s Health that asked a hundred women what was more important to their satisfaction, length or girth, I was very intrigued. I was also shocked by the results. When I looked at the data, I didn’t realize that the average male is much smaller and is not as thick as I perceived. Check out my demonstration with cucumbers. More about this study momentarily.

Length vs Girth

Men think they want some long 12-in monster that we can make her go crazy. The reality is that would hurt her. The vagina is not super deep at 4.25 to 4.75 in on average; if you’re hammering and banging up against her cervix, she’s not getting stimulated, excited, or pleasured.

I gained an inch and a half in thickness from using Bathmate. It’s a pump you use in the shower that creates suction and pulls blood into the two big chambers. When those chambers fill with more blood, the penis can be bigger and thicker.

Bathmate will draw more blood than usual, and over time, by doing this consistently, it will stretch out and create thickness. It seriously works. Another added benefit of using Bathmate is that you will last longer. It has made every aspect of my sex life a lot better, and my wife has been enjoying my increased thickness as well. Increase your size in multiple ways; check out Bathmate.

What is the critical factor about genital size

The Men’s Health study asked a hundred women aged 18 to 71 about the most critical factor in their partner’s genital size. The results for satisfaction stated that 70% of girth, 18% said length, and 12% said external factors. Realize that 95% of women do not reach that point of ‘oh mama’ from just you pounding away. It takes stimulation, which a thicker Big Al will have more ability to create friction and a more satisfying experience for her.

The takeaway is if you are not well endowed with length, don’t worry about it. Most women say that average length is perfect. Thickness is something you can do about, however. And always remember to practice the alpha rule of getting sexy and freaky. Take care of her first and you second — then everybody wins. It’s not just about hammering away; it’s about stimulating, touching, and taking your time. It’s about listening to your partner and communicating. Read her body language, have foreplay, and do all of the touches you need to do to dazzle and rock her world.

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