A man’s legacy in today’s world

October 1, 2022

Whenever anyone talks about leaving a legacy, I ask them to name all their great-great-grandparents. Interestingly, most can’t name any, although a few can name one. I’ve only encountered one person who could name two. So, I stop them in their tracks regarding leaving a legacy and gently relay that chances are that they will also be forgotten in four generations. It’s reality.

The desire to leave a legacy is entrenched in human desire. You see it throughout history and in fictional stories (Shakespeare, Game of Thrones, and more). Also, if people didn’t care about what goes on after their death, estate attorneys wouldn’t have a job, and estate taxes would be 100%! As you see, legacy is significant for many individuals.

Being remembered for generations is the idea — that your name will go down in history. Are you concerned that you will leave this Earth without doing anything “meaningful” with your life? Well, measure the success of your life by how many people you have positively influenced. Look around your life – who loves you, who have you positively influenced, where would some people be today without you? You may not do anything recorded in a history book, but you have changed someone’s life for the better. That is your legacy.

How do you treat people in your daily life? Do you treat them positively – or the opposite? I am an entrepreneur, and I hope I am remembered decades from now for my positive influence on them. And in turn, I hope people have a positive impact on others. My wish is that I made the world better and brighter.

Leaving a legacy positively affects others. Many associate children with leaving a legacy. Even if you don’t have children, your legacy will carry on through the people you love. You touched their lives and changed them – that, my friend, is your legacy. As I said earlier, all of this boils down to one thing, character. Your legacy is your character.

Your character is a combination of features and qualities that distinguish you from everybody else around you. Now, you may be the best-looking guy in town, or you might have the best hair, the best clothes, or give the best first impression. You may even look people in the eye when you shake their hand. But if they get to know you and your character is lacking, guess what? You’ve just become the ugliest person in the room.

Anyone with money can go out and buy a great pair of pants or shoes, get a great haircut, or give the appearance that they’re put together. Those things don’t impress me. What impresses me is someone’s character — their legacy. When you are dead and gone, how will people remember you? Is it that you were really funny or that you made fun of others? Did you try your hardest to be kind and courteous, or were you a selfish, self-centered jerk?

I think our society has really let the young adult male down. Back in the day, men were supposed to be polite and treat others respectfully. When you were going somewhere, you would open the door for others and let them walk through first. You wouldn’t hesitate to give your seat up for a lady when no other seats were available. These are the types of things that guys are not taught anymore.

And compound this with the advent of social media, good character development has really declined. Social media has spawned haters — those that feel they can tear others apart from behind their anonymous computer screens. These haters have deplorable characters, needing to be destructive to feel good about themselves.

Confidence goes hand-in-hand with character and is one of the principal reasons I film my YouTube videos. Your character will improve as your confidence increases — so I want you to feel great about yourself.

Develop your confidence and character, so you have a good sense of self. Treat people kindly, be polite and courteous, have good manners, and do your best – that’s what life is about. And at the end of the day, your legacy will thank you. Check out this follow-up video: 5 Things More Important Than Looks or Money


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