I don’t fit on YouTube anymore

November 24, 2022
When I started my YouTube channel, ‘alpha’ wasn’t a controversial word or polarizing. I chose the term because it represented men. Before my YouTube channel launched, I started an image consulting company called alpha m. Image Consulting. Then, my message was very clear and straightforward when I started posting videos. My job was simple, and my goal was simple: to help people feel better about themselves no matter who they are. If I could help in any way, I did my job.

Where do I fit now?

At this point, I don’t know where I fit. My intentions are good, and I am not polarizing. I try to be positive and uplift people whenever possible. Everything is so polarizing in today’s world, and I don’t know where I fit in anymore. I’ve been struggling with this over the past few years.

First, ultra-polarizing people are popular, but my views are in the middle. Second, society has become so intolerant of people that are different or say something that is not liked. And then there’s cancel culture, where if you say something that pisses people off or offends them, they will try to end your career.

When I started my channel, my goal was simple: to give dudes advice on how to feel great about themselves through style, grooming, and the experiences I’ve had. I’ve talked about everything from manscaping to powdering your balls to what to do with your butt hair to how to tie a Windsor knot. Some of the stuff I talked about was pushing the envelope back then, but now the environment is insane! And so polarized! It’s either all good, or it’s all bad.

And the manosphere is a whole crazy world in itself. I was included in a podcast about toxic masculinity, where I was grouped with people like Kevin Samuels, Andrew Tatum, Tai Lopez, and Jordan Peterson. How does my message fit in with theirs? It’s the name ‘Alpha,’ and people are not digging deeper into my messages.

At a crossroads with an identity crisis

I’ve been at a crossroads and having an identity crisis regarding the internet. I have a name that puts me extreme to one side. But I’m in the middle, and my YouTube channel was never intended to take a stand one way or the other. The goal has been to uplift people and to let them know they can be amazing no matter who they are.

I got some emails the other day about how I’ve changed. We have all changed! I never set out to offend anybody or piss anybody off. I promise you that. I did intend to help people. Did I succeed? I don’t know. I’m still trying to help people, but I don’t know if the type of help I can give is what people want or need. I feel people are gravitating to more extreme views and statements. Why?

The extremism mindset

So, why is this extremism happening? Is it because society has been telling us that men are bad, toxic, and horrible? Or is it because people are confused in today’s world? The world has gotten so confusing, so people think they need to align with someone and be in a neat little box.

Differences make us beautiful and unique. People should take the ‘who cares’ stance instead of getting bent out of shape, worried, and upset because someone’s different. As long as it’s not in your face, who cares.

Where do we fit in a world that’s become so extreme and polarizing? I choose to do my best job, not follow the herd, and stay in the middle. I am choosing to be an individual and the best person I can be. Sometimes I’ll mess up. We all do, and it’s okay.

I am scared and concerned because so many people buy into this extreme mindset. I’m concerned because many men are lost and need direction from positive male role models, and those with large followings aren’t necessarily the positive male role models required to move our society in a positive direction. Some of the super popular with large followings are creating a bigger divide, causing even more trouble. I don’t know how we can fix that.

At the end of the day …

I will continue to provide solid content that’s honest and maintains integrity, and I will continue not to blow smoke up your ass. I hope that some of you will find your confidence, and if I can be even a small part of that, that’s the most amazing gift and compliment I could ever get. Be good to yourself, be a good person, be honorable, and always have integrity.

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