I Used a PENIS Pump for 30 Days {CRAZY Results!}

May 18, 2023
Today’s video will be a little more low-key and serious because I want to tell you about my experience using the Bathmate over the last 30 days. I have always been insecure about my size, and I’ve never been a big dude. Now the truth is I am average, around 6 inches, which is the average size of an adult male. The problem is seeing porn with men hung like mythical beasts from a young age. 

My discovery

Not having a big Big Al has always been something that I have thought about. I’ve been insecure and a bit weird, feeling I wouldn’t meet her expectations or standards. This is me being honest, as I know I’m not alone.

So a few months ago, I started thinking about pumps I’ve heard so much about. I thought about trying one for 30 days to see if it really works. There’s a lot out there that plays into a men’s insecurities, so I wanted to try it for myself. I started researching, watching tons of videos, and doing my due diligence.

The product that kept coming back to me was Bathmate. They have three options based on your current size and preference of girth: Hydro, Hydromax, HydroXtreme. I ordered the top-of-the-line HydroXtreme 7.

After I placed my order, one of my Alpha M. subscribers who works there called me. He told me he was a fan and wanted to offer me more options. He sent everything from beginner to the most advanced. He also said that if I tried it and liked it, they’d be happy to sponsor a video and provide a discount link. 

My results

Take the pump into the shower and fill it with water. Then put it on your body and pump. A valve that squirts water out, which creates suction, drawing more blood into your unit. Think of it like weight lifting, and your muscle gets engorged with blood. That’s the same idea with the pump, which stretches out the chambers, and then you’ll see a difference in the size and thickness of your weiner over time. Do this for 3 minutes and then take it off. Chill for 2 minutes, and then do it again for 3 minutes. 

Each session should last at most 15 minutes at the beginning. The more advanced you get, the more time you can take. Changes are noticeable immediately. Also, results will vary based on your use and consistency. Remember that this is not a sprint but a marathon. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself, either. Each time you use it, the results last longer. My results were about the girth. After 30 days, I gained over half an inch of thickness and a quarter inch in length.

My wife and I recommend it!

My wife also noticed that it’s bigger and girthier (which she was initially skeptical about). She absolutely could tell the difference and recommends Bathmate. I lasted longer in bed, and I got harder quicker. 

I 100% recommend this product if you’re worried about your Big Al or want it bigger. It’s a game-changer for confidence, and I will continue to use it for another 30 days. Testimonials say that after 60 days, the most significant difference is experienced. Then after that, gains will have to be maintained, so you have to do it occasionally. It’s like going to the gym.

You may or may not need it, but you’ll want it — and your partner will too. Get Bathmate and use code Alpha10 for a discount.

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