I Quit Watching 2 Years Ago… But Did NOT Expect This

September 4, 2023
Two years ago, I quit watching the stuff on the internet that guys watch on the internet. I’m not talking about Alpha M. videos. I’m talking about those movies. Today, I will go over some results from quitting that are amazing. Some are surprising that I didn’t expect. Then, I will end the video with some tips and strategies for stopping if you’re interested.

You’ll be amazed if you’re somebody who might have a problem or just want to see what life is like without it. I was shocked at what happened and did not expect to be as motivated and accessible. This destructive habit can make you feel bad about yourself and occupy time that you could spend being more productive and making yourself feel better. It’s incredible what happens in every aspect of your life.

What happens when you quit

  • Self-esteem. The first thing that happened when I quit was my self-esteem went up immediately. I feel guilty every time afterward. Sure, you feel fantastic for it literally a split second from that dopamine hit, but then a crash happens because you feel guilty.
  • Motivation. In the past, you’d have to go out and do something to get a dopamine hit. For example, in the past, you’d have to leave your couch to approach a girl. These days, you can have hits of dopamine on demand by pulling out your phones and surfing TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We can even go to those movie sites I was talking about. Every time you pull out your phone, you release a little dopamine. You must go through a dopamine detox by removing yourself from scrolling social media and watching those movies.
  • Sex drive. My libido went up through the roof because it was getting pent up and making action happen without the facilitation of the movies. Touching yourself and releasing the hounds with solo action is not bad, but using the movies instead of imagination is. After quitting the movies, I found more women more beautiful and had a better sex life. I wasn’t as lazy in my relationship and became a better husband, partner, and motivated boss.
  • Confidence. You end up so much more focused and dialed in because you don’t have that dopamine being released daily through unhealthy means. Giving up the movies is literally a confidence and self-esteem cheat code. Boost your confidence even more with Pete & Pedro LEGEND EDP cologne. Use code legend50 for 50% off.

Dopamine detox tips

  • Acknowledge you have a problem. Or acknowledge that you have a desire to stop. Many people don’t think they have a problem but know that it’s not something they want to do. If it was easy, everybody would stop.
  • Identify your triggers. What are the triggers that make you think that it’s time to go do that? What trigger turns you on to wanting to go do it? Is it Instagram, TikTok, the internet, or YouTube? Is it a time of day? Once you’ve identified the trigger, make access more difficult. You may want to remove social media apps.
  • Find a replacement. Replace the time that you were spending watching those movies with something better. I replaced the movies with a different habit, and I chose push-ups. Over time, as you progress into the future, the urge will diminish, and you won’t think about it as much. At first, you’ll wonder and think about it. But the longer you go, the more you’ll realize how incredible you feel.

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