10 Accessories Attractive Men NEVER Wear!

January 28, 2022
Wearing accessories can be a game changer for your style — both good or bad. You can elevate an average outfit and make it amazing, but on the flip side, you can lose the style game by choosing the wrong accessories. You need to choose wisely. These accessories will help you look amazing!

Cast these out of your closet!

  1. Tacky bracelets — I am a big fan of bracelets, and in particular, I like beaded or simple metal cuffs in particular. The problem arises when men go overboard, as I demonstrate.
  2. Suit bling — label flowers, paisley anything, busy pocket squares, and/or tacky tie clips. Each of these makes you look like a little boy and loses the point of a sharp looking suit.
  3. Sporty, trendy, cheap eye-wear — sport sunglasses haven’t been cool, super trendy shades are stupid, and cheap shapes look cheap. Check out my pair of perfect sunglasses that look great on everyone. Also, glasses that are retro chic can make you look like a pervert or math teacher (look at me wearing them, case in point). Opt for a larger frame with more attitude for a crazy, sexy, cool vibe.
  4. Little boy backpacks and fanny packs— oversized and string backpacks are youthful. Instead, opt for a minimal designed backpack if you choose to carry one.  And in regard to fanny packs, never wear one either as a traditional fanny pack or cross-body fanny pack.
  5. Huge wallets — excommunicate the stuffed and nasty wallet from your body. Minimal leather wallets are aesthetic and sexy.
  6. Gaudy belts — these belts (like from Gucci, Ferragamo, Hermes) are a huge waste of money (freaking expensive) and a bit tacky. Anson Belts honestly look just as good.
  7. Fake sh!t — there are too many badass accessories and too many clothing options out there to spend any money on counterfeit.
  8. Little boy watches (aka Apple watches) — so many better, sexier, and more attractive watch options are out there. I am not referring to expensive options. I am talking about the Timex Weekender, which is one of my all-time favorite watches and is a lot more stylish than an Apple watch, G-Shock, or Casio.
  9. Ring bling — I don’t love thumb or pinky rings. Wear one ring per hand max.
  10. Smelling like everyone else — so many fragrances are available, which your fragrance can be a game-changer. The truth is that our scent is a powerful non-verbal communicating tool. Your scent is something unique to you, so don’t be boring by wearing the same fragrance as everyone else.

Badass shades + wallets

My expensive taste motivated me to custom design the ENEMY line of high-end shades. For less than $100, I knocked it out of the sunglasses park! Check out ENEMY‘s version of the classics: Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Aviators. Also, the newest edition (ENEMY 04) is more structured, larger, and badass. Grab an ENEMY wallet, cardholder, bracelet, or custom ring while you’re at it.

Featured video

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