25 Items Every Man Needs by Age 30

May 29, 2024
Every man should own certain items by age 30, and I would like to review these items in no particular order. You need all of them, so if you don’t have them, go get them.

Before I start, you need to have a direction by the age of 30. You need to put the sh^t behind you that’s been plaguing you since you were a little kid. You need to upgrade your style and mentality. You need to take care of your physical health and upgrade your body. Focus on the things that you can control, and you will get there.

If you don’t have any of these, get them …

  1. Passport and proper luggage. Everyone should start traveling to expand their minds and to experience badass places.
  2. Proper wallet. You should not overly stuff it or have it packed. Do not have a wallet with velcro or logos. As a mature man, you need to upgrade your wallet to something slim and minimal.
  3. Reliable transportation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, bus, bike, or skateboard. You just need to be able to get to your job.
  4. Proper job. It doesn’t need to be the best, but you need to have gainful employment.
  5. Proper residence. You should not be living with your parents. You should have your own place. Sure, you can have roommates, but you should not be living with Mom and Dad unless it’s strategic to pay off debt or save money.
  6. Gym membership.
  7. Non-athletic sneakers.
  8. High-quality casual footwear. Boat shoes suck.
  9. Dress shoes. Whether or not brown or black, you need these dress shoes to combine with a tailored suit.
  10. Tailored suit. Do not have a big and boxy suit. You need one amazingly tailored suit in navy blue or charcoal.
  11. Custom-tailored white button-up shirt. It needs to be white and crisp and does not have yellow pit stains.
  12. Simple white t-shirt. It’s the most versatile casual shirt a man can wear. It can be worn with shorts, chinos, or denim.
  13. Perfect pair of denim. These jeans should make your package look sexy, and your booty look banging.
  14. Grown-up belt. It should not have added holes, nicks, and gnarls. Choose an Anson belt, which is the cleanest and sexiest belt with no holes and a simple track system.
  15. Proper polo. Do not rock a little boy polo.
  16. Axe body spray. You stink if you’re wearing that. Choose a fragrance that elevates your game.
  17. Proper timepiece. Tech watches are functional, but so is your phone. Your wrist should have a watch that is your greatest accessory.
  18. Proper pair of shades. Choose from adult styles such as Wayfair, Clubmasters, or Aviators.
  19. Proper bag. Opt for an over-shoulder bag or a proper type of backpack.
  20. Dignity.
  21. Impulse control. When somebody suggests doing something stupid, have the ability to focus.
  22. Goals. Have an idea of what you want in life rather than wandering around. Explore different options — get a North Star and move towards it.
  23. Budget. Live below your means. Do not have a bunch of high credit card debt.
  24. Delayed gratification. Put off now for the future.
  25. Higher quality people. Surround yourself with healthy relationships and higher-quality people (and know you can outgrow people).

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