9 EMBARRASSING Guy Problems Girls ALWAYS Notice {and How to FIX Them}!

January 16, 2023
Confidence. It all boils down to feeling incredible about yourself. But, unfortunately, one of the things that interfere with us as men feeling incredible and confident are some problems we face as we age. Some of them are embarrassing, and others are awkward. But either way, they destroy our self-esteem and confidence. Also, these things can interfere with us landing spicy action. I will review some of the men’s most prominent, awkward, and embarrassing problems and how to fix them.

Their inspiration for this video is from this dude I was with the other day who was covering his mouth while we were talking and laughing. I realized that he was insecure about his jacked-up grill. Like his teeth, some of these things I’ll be talking about today are totally treatable and fixable.

Don’t let these interfere with your confidence!

  1. Your smile is your number one most powerful nonverbal communication tool. People can tell if you’re happy, friendly, and inviting, and they can also tell if you’re embarrassed. If you were embarrassed about your smile, save for orthodontic procedures, veneers, or implants. But the one thing you can do cheaply and affordably is whitening your teeth. I love Crest Strips, which you wear for 20 to 30 minutes for noticeably whiter teeth.
  2. Messed-up skin can destroy your confidence; that’s why I always talk about skincare. Basic things you can include: (a) Remove nasty blackheads that reside in larger pores found around your nose and forehead. Grab some Biore strips and remove them. (b) Adopt a solid basic skincare routine that includes washing your face twice a day, exfoliating twice a week, and moisturizing morning and night.
  3. Get your smell under control. (a) Make sure your balls don’t stink by powdering them once a day. (b) Tame the monster man bush because it traps odor. (c) Use wet wipes after you drop a deuce. (d) Power your butt crack to eliminate swamp ass. 
  4. Funky nails on your feet or hands are a turn-off. If they’re bitten, discolored, crusty, picked, and chewed, you are not sending a message that you’re reliable or responsible. Also, she won’t want those nasty grubbies anywhere near her body, either. Make sure you have a manicure kit that you use weekly. Also, use a foot file or pumice stone in the shower to keep calluses off your feet.
  5. Big Al not being rock solid is also an awkward and embarrassing problem that some dudes face. Whether or not it’s your blood pressure or whatever, go to the doctor and get it checked out.
  6. Hair loss is one of the biggest confidence killers and can make men feel insecure. It’s totally treatable and preventable. If you notice that you are thinning or losing extra hair on your pillow or in the drain, go to Bosley for a solution at any stage of hair loss.
  7. Hair growing in weird places is another embarrassing thing that happens to dudes. Three places are deal breakers for women: nose, ears, and back. (a) You use a tool to reach and shave your own back. (b) Use a high-quality nose hair trimming tool for nostril hair. (c) Clean your ears. After the shower, use a Q-tip to clean your ears but don’t jam too deep. Use small circles and not just in the canal. Make sure you get the folds of your ears because that’s where a lot of dead skin bacteria and nasty crap build up.
  8. Man boobs and dad bods can be awkward and embarrassing. You want to be a man with firm muscle, not a man with boobies, love handles, and a spare tire. Get off your ass and make it happen by eating better, getting to the gym to lift weights, and doing cardio. These efforts will also help with chubby cheeks and weak chins.
  9. Fat underneath the jawline is what many dudes, unfortunately, have. Reduce it by drinking a gallon of lemon water daily, lose weight by eating healthier, grow a beard and trim it properly, and possibly look into mentoplasty as a last resort. Liposuction is also another option.

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