7 BEST Positions for a Guy With a Small PENIS

January 10, 2024
So, according to the freakiness handbook, there are 64 recognized positions, but not all positions were not created equal. An article I recently read in Women’s Health says seven of the positions are better for guys that have a small penis. Before we review these seven positions guaranteed to make you feel like you’re big to her, I want to discuss what averages.

One hundred heterosexual women were polled, who said they didn’t care about size. As dudes, we care about size because we are fans of watching ‘the movies.’ We see these guys who are hung like mythical beasts and think that this is normal or even average. According to research, 5.1 to 5.5 inches when hard is technically average. So if you’re between five and five and a half, you’re aces. Now. the truth is size is not equal because 80% of women said thickness is more important than length.

Insecure about your size? Options include

If you are insecure about your size, there are surgical options, one of which takes a silicone sleeve and implants it. Unfortunately, it’s costly. There’s also a lengthening surgery, in which the ligament is cut. Extenders are another option but dangerous as you’re stretched over time. Jelqing is also another way, which is milking when your semi. Usually, this is combined with some pumping. A pump also is an option. I’ve used Bathmate and talked about it in numerous videos.

Realize it’s not just these positions that I will review that enhance her experience. It’s also about her finding that ‘OH.’ It’s not just about hammering away — it’s also about stimulating her and visiting Brenda downtown.

Seven Best Positions for the Modest Stature

  1. Doggy style– to take it further, I have her put her legs together between yours.
  2. Cowgirl – this is her being on top. Hold her hips and let her do her thing.
  3. Face off – she straddles you, and you’re face-to-face. Lean back, and you’re even bigger.
  4. Seashell – this requires flexibility. See the pic.
  5. Standing – this takes coordination and strength.
  6. Knees to chest – on her back with her knees up and legs together.
  7. Spork – a hybrid between a spoon and a fork. You can go a lot deeper because her leg is up.

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