10 BEST & WORST Self Improvement Tips

May 14, 2023
I’m a big fan of personal development and self-improvement. We can take specific steps daily to make us happier, healthier, and kick more ass, but on the flip side, these steps can be taken too far. And today’s hustle culture world, everyone is trying to dominate, and particular personal development and self-improvement tips are a waste of time and counterproductive.

The following popular self-improvement tips are either amazing or suck. I will discuss each; however, what anyone says doesn’t matter if you find something that helps you or adds value to your life.

Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Or both?

  1. Working out. Exercise will change your life. Period.
  2. Your aesthetic. Paying attention to your aesthetic is not superficial. It’s nonverbal communication and making yourself feel better.
  3. No fap. Many people benefit from this, and if it’s helping you, continue to do it. However, a lot of amazing benefits accompany touching Big Al daily. Releasing the hounds will make you more zen-like, and you won’t worry about random spicy señoritas.
  4. Fad diets. There are a lot of diets out there arranging, from vegan to keto to paleo. People identify with their diet, but the truth is that a well-balanced, healthy diet low in processed crap & saturated fats while high in lean protein & vegetables is the best. It’s about balance. When you go extreme, it’s not good. Give yourself a variety of food. Also, give your body the micronutrients needed with a high quality of vitamin. I love Ritual Essential for Men. Head to Ritual.com to get 20% off your first month of any Ritual products. Definitely check out their Synbiotic+ and Essential for Men 18+ and 50+.
  5. Visualization thinking and vision boards. Visualization thinking is thinking about an outcome you want, whereas a vision board is cute and fun. Unfortunately, a vision board will not do any good, having zero effect on helping you get there. But visualizing is an effective tool that allows you to focus and plan.
  6. Hustle culture. It’s a mindset and the idea that you must keep grinding and working harder while never taking time off to succeed. The truth is you need to work smarter and take time for yourself to decompress and chill. You need to give your mind a rest because if you don’t, you’ll get burned out.
  7. “Never give up.” Never giving up and constantly working with the thought of eventually figuring it out is not always practical or beneficial. You may need to give up to find something that will be beneficial. You must be honest with yourself; if something isn’t working or moving in the right direction after three years, you must take it behind the barn and shoot. Don’t waste any more time because time is your most valuable resource.
  8. Morning routine. I am a huge fan of developing a morning routine by getting up early and ensuring you have time for yourself, whether exercising, planning, thinking creatively, or meditating.
  9. Better sleep. Go to bed at a reasonable time. Maximize your sleep time and quality because it’s definitely worth it. If you get trash sleep, you won’t feel as good or look as good. You’ll gain weight, and your mind and body will have other adverse side effects.
  10. Reading. Reading can be good, but it can also be overkill, where you can waste a lot of time. The truth is a failure will happen regardless of the number of books read. Failure is part of the equation, so if you’re reading to try to prepare and plan, stop and jump. You need to experience and do the work. When you fail, that’s where true learning comes in. I’m not saying to do something stupid without knowledge or experience, but there comes a point where you need to shut the book and jump.
  11. Drugs and drinking. Don’t use alcohol as a way to cope and deal with issues. Quit drinking for 30 days to see how much better your life gets. You will look and feel better, and your relationships will improve. Do not beat yourself up, and do the self-destructive things you do when drunk. If you’re interested in changing the trajectory of your life, stop drinking booze.

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