12 BIGGEST Grooming Mistakes MOST Young Men Make {& How to Fix Each}!

March 25, 2022
I’m  your grooming Yoda, so why are you doing me like this? I even see super studly stallions making these grooming mistakes, and it breaks my tender little grooming heart. I know you can do so much better! Here are the worst grooming mistakes most young guys are making on the regular.

Choose NOT to be a savage!

  1. Disgusting nails — take care of your hands, nails, and cuticles. Invest in a manicure kit and Vaseline. Also, make sure your toenails are cut and your feet are not calloused or crusty by using a pumice stone or foot file.
  2. Not exfoliating — need to do this after manscaping or in the shower. You need to remove the top layer of skin with bacteria (aka odor) with a silicone brush, loofah (recommended), or bristle brush. For your back, use a scrubbing tool with a handle.
  3. Edging too far under your chin — if you do this, you will look fat even if you’re not. Check out my demonstration.
  4. Shaving a unibrow — don’t shave your brows because you’ll have stubble. Use a high quality pair of tweezers.
  5. Not manscaping properly — take the bulk of your man-bush out. Monster man-bushes trap odor. Plus, Big Al looks smaller. Use a grooming tool to take the hair down and then shave your balls.
  6. Having stinky balls — powder your junk & booty crack daily after you get out of the shower with a talc-free body & balls powder. You will be kept drier and smelling nice.
  7. Using too much hair product — if you need more, you have the wrong product. Another tip is to use a sea salt prestyler before using your styling product.
  8. Rocking a beard that’s not ready — use a boar bristle beard brush to train your hair to grow over thinner areas and to stimulate hair growth.
  9. Shaving off your sideburns — sideburns give your hairstyle balance and boundaries. If you have a skin fade, you don’t need sideburns.
  10. Not maintaining your monster beard — don’t grow your mustache into your mouth. Taper your beard down the sides and longer on the chin.
  11. Not using hair conditioner — even if your hair is short, your hair will be stronger and hydrated with conditioner.
  12. Popping pimples — popping and picking pimples with your fingers will make acne worse. Use blackhead and acne tools, dipping each in rubbing alcohol to sanitize first.

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The trick is to emulsify it before applying, which is valid for any product you use. Don’t just dig it out. Emulsify it by rubbing your hands together, activating it, and then distributing it from the roots. Work it through your hair to get the best bang for your styling buck. Putty, for me, is a must!

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