7 Body Language Tricks to Be 100% More Attractive!

July 6, 2022
If your non-verbal communication is deficient,  you will look less attractive. But the good news is even if you’re average looking, you can adopt these body language tricks to go from 6.0 to an 11.5! These tricks will instantly make other people view you as more confident, interesting, friendlier, and more attractive.

Become more alluring with these powerful practices

  1. Touch a bit more –start touching lightly on the arm or back. Light and subtle touches send subconscious messages that you’re engaging and connecting with them.
  2. Nod when someone is talking — it’s a form of active listening and makes them think subconsciously that you’re super interested in them and what they’re saying.
  3. Talk with your hands — don’t keep your hands in your pocket or just stand there, as you’ll look cold and boring. Using your hands is a more vibrant way to express  yourself. Make sure your hands are matching the tempo and cadence of what you’re saying. Don’t get too wild, either.
  4. Have open body language — don’t stand with your arms crossed or with your hands in your pockets. Don’t be closed off, which makes people think you’re not interested in chatting them up. Other powerful nonverbal tips and tricks include: look good (style and grooming), smell good (have a signature scent), maintain proper eye contact (5 second on and off), and respect personal space.
  5. Understand personal space — check out my discussion and demonstrations about proper utilization of personal space and how to adjust according to the situation.
  6. Master the handshake — a dead fish shake indicates you’re submissive and a puss. If it’s too aggressive, you look like you’re trying to overcompensate. It’s all about a firm handshake that’s one-two-three out. Make sure to practice. If you get owned, make a joke about it, which acknowledges the blunder while letting them know you’re playful and fun.
  7. Use your mouth — don’t cover your mouth (you look like you’re lying and sneaky), don’t smirk (you look shady), and don’t fake smile (they can see it in your eyes). Your smile is your  most valuable and powerful non-verbal communication body language trick. Use it to make people think you’re friendly, engaging, happy, fun, and super attractive.


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