8 BRUTALLY HONEST Reasons Girls Are Turned OFF by You!

January 23, 2023
Unfortunately, you may be doing some things that are not getting the spicy engine revving. What you’re doing may actually be the opposite. Today I will go over some brutally honest reasons you’re turning her off.

Why some men are turnoffs to women

  1. Using alcohol and marijuana. There’s nothing less attractive and more of a turnoff than a dude that is an absolute mess when he drinks. If you can’t handle alcohol, you shouldn’t be drinking. Also, being a stoner is a turnoff. Even though you may think it’s cool or because your friends are doing it, it’s okay. But do you think for a second it’s attractive? Do you think she wants a guy who sits around smoking pot and getting stoned? The answer is no.
  2. Being a terrible kisser and selfish with action. Kissing is one of those things that can make you extra sexy or could be a deal-breaker. If you’re somebody who jams your tongue down her throat, does not come up for air, or has much saliva and spit, that’s definitely not sexy. Being an incredible kisser is a sexual superpower because you can turn her on simply by using your mouth. You may also be a turnoff because you’re too selfish in the action department. To be amazing, you have to rev up that spicy sports car. You can’t just hop in and pop it into the highest gear.
  3. Having smelly balls. One reason women don’t want to go downtown to visit Big Al is that it’s a hot meaty mess down in your pants. You need to powder every day with a high-quality, non-talc-based powder. Also, use some in your booty crack. Swamp ass is not sexy. Made with premium, non-talc, and natural ingredients, you have to try Pete & Pedro Body & Balls Powder
  4. Thinking porn is reality. What you see in the movies is not how you should treat a woman. What makes a man excited is very different from what makes a woman excited. Also, women’s porn is entirely different than men’s porn – it’s slower and softer.
  5. Not setting the mood. Stimulate her mind, or you could lose her. Build excitement and anticipation. You may need to start earlier in the evening by telling her that she looks sexy, kissing her, and building anticipation. Do a bit of dirty talk. Build excitement and get her revved up.
  6. Being a slob. If you’re a sloppy-ass dude, it’s unacceptable. You must ensure you’re taking pride in your grooming, including your hair, breath, and teeth. Your style also needs to be straight, including your shoes and accessories.
  7. Being a whiny little bitch. If you’re clingy and always asking for reassurance from her, it’s not sexy. You’re making her defend why she likes you, and always asking is annoying as hell. There’s nothing worse than a guy who’s emotionally a wreck.
  8. Having nasty living spaces. If your car is a wreck, and your home/room is disgusting, there’s zero chance she will want to make out and stay at your place. Be a man because little boys are the ones that don’t take care of their living spaces. Make sure it smells good, clean up your dishes, make sure there’s no pee on the toilet or floor, change your sheets, and make sure all the clutter is put away. Your car also shouldn’t smell like an unpowdered ass.

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