Chick Magnet with Aaron Marino and Marni from Wing Girl Method | Episode 1 + Akhil

October 24, 2022
In this episode of Chick Magnet, Marni from Wing Girl Method and I are working with a single, average dude to transform him into a chick magnet. Akil is first up. He said he’s been having trouble getting girls. He says he enters interactions with girls to have fun and has never been able to bridge the gap into a more intimate space. He says this keeps him from being more accessible, ambitious, and personal with women. He’s never asked a girl out, so he thinks it’s a confidence issue, and as a result, his dating life has been non-existent.

The Mission

Marni and I will make Akhil look amazing with a makeover and a new outfit. We’re going to give him some confidence coaching along with dating tips. And then we’re going to send them out on a hot blind date to test everything we taught him.

Notes about Akhil

I note that he is intelligent and good-looking, although he struggles with asking women out on dates. I also note that he’s closed off. Marni also touches on this fact, stating if he is closed with his body language, he is also closed off from women. Marni also mentions he has had some emotional problems, which Akil provides insight into his eating disorder.

He dresses like a 19-year-old college kid — thumbs down to the t-shirt, shorts, and shoes. We will transform them into an outfit that screams confidence and sexiness. Marni notes that he needs to work on his body language as well.

We head to Salon Posta for a haircut, styling, and facial hair grooming.  The goal is to take a bit of length off the top, push it back and create a modified quiff. The style should be tighter on the sides, with a nice fade. I also want to blend the sideburns into his temples and beard. The sideburns appear a bit abrasive and too heavy. He has never used styling products, so we focus on that. We’ll use Pete & Pedro’s Sea SALT Spray and Hair Putty.

His new hairstyle looks hot! Now we’re off to get me clothes and shoes. He’s never worn jeans! He’s going on a coffee date with a spicy senorita, so his outfit is casual but still elevated and refined: sneakers + medium wash jeans + simple white long-sleeve tee + brown suede trucker jacket. He looks incredibly sexy.

Before he heads out on a date, he needs to smell like a chick magnet. One of the most powerful non-verbal communicating tools you have 100% control over is your fragrance. Marni chose Pete & Pedro Villain, which is perfect for crisp fall weather. I show him how to hit all the pulse points.

Nuggets of dating knowledge

  • Marni imparts some dating knowledge on Akhil. The first bit covers whether a girl is flirting or just being friendly. You have to look at a girl’s baseline, which means who they are daily. See how she acts with everybody else. Is she super flirty with everyone? Is she more reserved, timid, and shy? From there, you can gauge her level of interest.
  • Marni then goes over the Animal Exercise with him. He picks a lion as an animal that says masculinity. Then he describes five attributes that make it strong and masculine as a leader, how it walks and talks, and how it would ask out a girl. For the rest of the day, Akhil walks and talks like a lion.
  • While out shopping, Marni practices walking with Akil – big strides, owning the room, and leading with his chest.
  • At the office, Marni goes over a few pointers for his date. She said the most crucial point with women is not what you say but how you say it.
  • She recommends open body language, enunciating and speaking from your diaphragm, and always making great eye contact with a smirk. Everything she’s talking about is the first stage of flirting. You can’t flirt if you’re covering yourself up, not talking, and not making eye contact. No woman will want to flirt back if she can’t feel you. You have to open yourself up so she can feel you.
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Check out his date, how it transpired, and what Marni & I have to say about it. And then, when all is said and done, check out what his date has to say about their encounter. Akil gives his opinion on the date at the office and hears feedback. Marni and I address and discuss the comments about not giving eye contact, making her feel he is not interested or super shy. Overall, I was incredibly impressed, and I am proud.

Akhil closes out the episode reviewing what he learned from Marni, me, my dad, and Christian. He wants to exude confidence to earn the respect of others around him, as we all demonstrated. He also knows how the physical helps but how you do something is more important. He also realizes that anything that requires improvement will take effort. To be the person he wants to be, he realizes he needs to go forward and put that effort in.

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