6 Daily Habits Most Men Do WRONG!

June 27, 2022
This video is designed with one purpose in mind: to help you be more effective and efficient with your daily habits. Unfortunately, even though you may be doing these things, it doesn’t mean you’re actually doing them ‘right.’ I’m going to teach you better ways to complete some common habits that you do daily.

Improve your day-to-day grooming regimen by stopping these mistakes!

  1. Popping blackheads, blemishes, or zits with your fingers — your hands are filthy and the worst to use to extract what’s going on. Use a tool designed to do the job, but before using it, sterilize it with alcohol.
  2. Not taking care of your hair properly — if you have oily hair, strip the oil and product out of it by shampooing daily. Also, don’t use too much shampoo. Less means better scrubbing, which you need to get down and massage your scalp when shampooing.  A scalp massage, whether with your fingers or a tool, stimulates blood flow to promote faster growing and healthier hair. Also, not conditioning your hair is a mistake because no matter your hair length or type, you need to condition to soothe and smooth the hair cuticle and shaft. Conditioner will also hydrate and replenish nutrients and moisture.  Cheap hair products can strip your hair of nutrients and damage it.
  3. Using deodorants with potentially dangerous chemicals — I was sick of using products that have aluminum that aren’t naturally-derived. I created FRESH without aluminum, without parabens, and without sulfates. Daily use of these ingredients can destroy our hormone balance, among other serious issues.  Applying deodorant at the wrong time is another deodorant mistake. When you get out of the shower, follow my demonstration to avoid deodorant marks that look sloppy and are hard to remove. Last, don’t use overpowering deodorants, body washes, or body sprays — you need to be able to smell your sexy signature scent rather than these other products. Chose mild smelling deodorants and body washes. Upgrade your deodorant today! Pete & Pedro FRESH Deodorant
  4. Wearing your fragrance on the wrong pulse points — you want to apply where the fragrance will get headed-up by blood circulation. Don’t apply to your wrist. Instead have the fragrance up near people’s noses: both sides of the neck and a solo body shot. Don’t use the mist method. You want the fragrance to be concentrated, and you want to spray on moisturized skin to project better and last longer.
  5. Not moisturizing your neck — yes, you should take care of your face but you should also take care of your neck skin as it shows age too.
  6. Not using the right nail toolsnail clippers come in two options, one for your hands and one for your feet. Use the nail file after clipping to get a clean, rounded edge.

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