13 Things That Make Men Look Feminine

May 14, 2024
Currently, people are looking for opportunities to get enraged at stupid stuff. Check out what happened to me the other day. I got an email from somebody asking me my opinion on whether or not I thought guys wearing nail polish is feminine. I answered yes, it is feminine. They sent me this horrible email, outraged, saying I’m a jerk and that I’m going to get canceled. But wait up, I was asked if I thought it was ‘feminine.’ I wasn’t asked if I thought it was ‘bad.’

I don’t care if somebody paints their nails. I also think it’s feminine for a guy to wear earrings, and I wear earrings. I also think it’s feminine for a guy not to be tall or have a deep voice. These are both me. I’m not the most masculine dude. So I started thinking about this, how some things could come across as feminine, and that there’s nothing wrong with it.

Feminine leaning — but who cares

  1. Overly emotional. If a man freaks out over stupid stuff, it’s more feminine.
  2. Well groomed. A well-groomed man can be perceived as more feminine, which includes tweezing eyebrows, edging beards, and styling his hair.
  3. Short height. A short man is perceived as a bit more feminine.
  4. Petite bone structure and features. This includes having a small bone structure, small features, and small facial features. These are all perceived as more feminine.
  5. Round body. If the body is softer, it’s more feminine. Man boobs are included.
  6. Round face. This is also perceived as more feminine.
  7. Clean shaven. A shaved face rather than a beard is also perceived as more feminine.
  8. Amazing skin. Having skin like a girl is a compliment, however. Only $9 to do the bare minimum for your skin.
  9. Shaved body. Guys who shave their legs I perceived as more feminine. This includes shaving pits, legs, arms, chess, and simply manscaping.
  10. Vulnerable. Being expressive with emotions is more feminine. Women, however, want men to share what’s going on inside.
  11. Skinny jeans, Tom’s, oversized shirts. These items are more feminine because women typically wear them. Wearing soft, loose, and baggy items will make a man look more feminine. Also, certain colors, such as shades of pinks, purples, yellows, greens, and softer muted tones, lean toward femininity.
  12. Wearing a lot of jewelry. Wearing a lot of rings/earrings and having facial piercings is feminine.
  13. Verbal and nonverbal body language. A feminine voice, a weak handshake, and not standing up straight are perceived as feminine. Smiling also is a more feminine thing to do. Smile regardless.

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