How to Actually Get RICH AF {Starting from $0}

December 22, 2023
Money can’t buy happiness, so they say. Well, I’m here to tell you that it can buy a lot of cool stuff, bring you peace of mind and clarity, and allow you to live your life on your terms. Today, I will help you become rich beyond your wildest dreams. There are only three steps that you need to follow to do it. Here are my secrets because I know you can do it if I can.

I know I’m not that smart and grew up without a financial role model; I’ve achieved everything on my terms. I went out and grabbed it because I was tired of being broke and stressed out. I was tired of thinking about money. When you live in a perpetual state of poor, unthinkable things can happen to your self-esteem. Plus, joy and fun are taken out of life as well.

But the good news is that if you do what I did, you can be much more successful than even me. You need to do these three things to unlock your financial freedom. Also, understand that nothing I am going to tell you is easy. Everything will require work. The more money you want to make, the more work it requires.

What does wealth mean to you?

What wealth means to me might be different than it means to you. Being rich means not worrying about money or thinking about how I will pay my bills. Having money means I have enough for things I like to do and pay cash for — I am living below my means. Being rich doesn’t mean driving a Ferrari. It means having peace of mind and living life on my own terms. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have to work my ass off. You’re going to have to be willing to work your ass off to make money, but it’s worth it.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it allows you to solve problems more easily and help others. This aspect is very valuable to me as I want to help other people like your family when they need it. But the first person you need to help is yourself. Fortunately, it’s simple because it boils down to three things.

Steps to becoming wealthy

  1. Be willing to fail. I’m here to tell you that I have failed more than succeeded. Some of the failures have been brutal, whether financially or emotionally. But to ever achieve anything extraordinary and develop FU money, you must be willing to take risks. Fear of failure holds back 99% of people. They know what they want to do & achieve and desire a lot of money, but they’re too scared to go after it because of the fear of failure. However, failure gets a bad rap. Failure builds mental toughness, stability, strength, and resilience. You have to be willing to fail to be successful. You need to be willing to risk something without knowing the outcome.
  2. Throw a bunch of crap against the wall and see what sticks. This needs to be your new mantra. Start a side hustle and a business. If you ever expect to have FU money, you need to be in control of your own destiny. Every single successful person had to push down their failure of failure and try a bunch of ventures. Successful people didn’t hit it out of the ballpark on the first or even second try. They had to try a bunch of different things to see what sticks. Nowadays, trying a bunch of stuff has never been easier or more affordable. Check out Skillshare to learn how to create multiple income streams and side hustles. Pete & Pedro took me $3,000 and a little research, to which it’s grown to over $9 million with 30% profit. Find something you’re interested in, and somebody out there will sell you a high-quality product you can put your name on. Follow a plan to build and launch your business. If you would like a blueprint on how to do this, sign up here.
  3. Invest. If you can invest in your business, do that first. Then, invest the extra cash and deploy it, whether it’s into the market, real estate, or otherwise. I’m a silent partner in one of my businesses where I get a distribution. Another pays me rent monthly. I also have another that’s an appreciation of an asset. In the old days, you could borrow money to make a deposit down payment to buy an asset like an apartment building, a single-family, or a duplex. But money is so expensive, so it’s challenging to do that, and the numbers don’t work. What works is cash, which you can get crazy deals.

Bonus Tip

Live below your means. The lower you can live below your means, the better off you will be. This equates to more money you will have at the end of the month to deploy, invest, and grow your wealth.

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