8 Habits That Turn {Boys} Into MEN!

June 16, 2022
The evolution of going from boy to man has very little to do with getting older or chronological advancement. Your age and getting older do not make you a man, but life experiences, expectations of the world, and your habits do. Here are some practices that make men macho, sexy, strapping studs of amazing masculinity. These are habits to do daily, weekly, or monthly.

Practices that evolve a boy into a man

  1. Being neat and organized – don’t live in filth, chaos, and clutter. I used to be a filthy dirty savage. I wouldn’t clean my dishes, my car smelled like ass, and my toilet was like an apocalyptic explosion of splatter and dribble. All of a sudden, one day, I started cleaning and organizing.
  2. Getting drinking and doing drugs under control – it’s not okay to go out and overindulge. It’s about controlling yourself and being responsible. Hold yourself accountable for your behavior.
  3. Stopping blaming other people for your life and situation – crappy things will happen, but don’t blame others. You need to handle it yourself and take ownership of the problem and your future.
  4. Focusing on your health – when I was younger, I focused on what I looked like. I was happy if I had a six-pack, but I realized there is more to health than meets the eye one day. I ended up with a bleeding ulcer and needing a blood transfusion. Health is a lot more than what meets the eyes. Just because you can’t see what’s happening inside doesn’t mean that you can neglect it. You need a healthy diet and take a multivitamin daily. Also, make sure your microbiome has what it needs. Take your gut health to the next level with a pre and probiotic. Seed’s proprietary formula contains 24 clinically and scientifically studied broad spectrum strains to support systemic health. Use my code ‘ALPHAM’ for 15% off your first month’s supply of Seed’s DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic: https://seed.com/alpham
  5. Realizing there’s more to a woman than their looks – I hate to admit this, but when I was younger, I didn’t care if she was a good person as much as if she was hot. I grew up and found a woman that was not only beautiful but also my soulmate and a sweetheart.
  6. Focusing on your career, purpose, or path – when you stop chasing spicy action, you can focus on what you need, including gathering resources and your career. Test out your passion and path, get exposure, and learn different things. Be around different people.
  7. Having better friends – you become more selective with who you spend your time with because you realize that time is precious. Don’t waste your time with a bunch of little budget losers, as they will not get you to where you need to go. They may not be ‘bad’ people, but time is your most important and valuable resource. We all have the same amount of time every day, and a man understands that he has to protect it and not waste it on low-budget losers.
  8. Being emotionally & financially intelligent – you can understand and empathize with other people. You worry about more than just yourself. Young men can be very self-centered and only worry about themselves, but a man understands the importance of thinking about the greater cause, greater good, and the greater community. Think about how your actions affect other people. Also, planning financially means you’re not wasting money, and you’re thinking about the future.

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