7 Hacks Proven to Make Your P*nis BIGGER!

June 7, 2023
Specific hacks make you look more manly, and some can make you smell better. But the hacks I’m going over today will make Big Al bigger, stronger, and rock solid. I have published a few videos on how to make Big Al the best possible. I have also experimented with pretty incredible devices. So today, I’d like to tell you precisely what you need to do to maximize Big Al’s potential. Individual results may vary, and some ideas I’ll discuss later in the video are questionable and sketchy.

Maximize Big Al’s potential!

  1. Lose body fat. If you carry extra fat in your midsection or pubic fat pad, your weiner will not be as big as possible.
  2. Trim your monster man bush. If you’re rocking a giant bush, your weiner will look itty bitty. Turn the bushes and let the tiger out of the jungle.
  3. Increase nitric oxide. This is responsible for blood vessel dilation, so the bigger the blood vessels, the more blood will flow into Big Al. L-Arginine is a natural amino acid that converts into nitric oxide. But, L-Citrulline is a bit easier for your body to assimilate. These amino acids will make your Big Al stronger and thicker.
  4. Increase blood circulation. Quit smoking if you’re smoking cigarettes or weed. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. Weed is not healthy for you and is bad for sperm. Lifting weights, HIIT training, and cardiovascular exercise will get the blood flowing. The more blood flowing, the more you’ll have the ability to get rock solid.
  5. Wear the right underwear. Tighty whities are terrible as they get stretched out and don’t support. They also get stained. Boxers are disgusting and the worst underwear in the history of underwear. It’s like wearing baggy shorts. For Big Al to be awesome and the Twins to be amazing, they need support. But you don’t want them packed into your pants super tight. Sheath is the only company I recommend and one that is also recommended by urologists. The secret pouch with the dual chamber design is the genius of this underwear because they separate the twig from the berries. Enjoy a special discount offer on your total SHEATH order — offer is automatically applied at checkout.
  6. Reduce alcohol consumption. Beer is bad due to phytoestrogen from hops. They will lower testosterone. Also, drinking suppresses everything, including giving Big Al a case of whiskey weenie.
  7. Use a pump. These work, but you must be careful and take it slow to be safe. These pumps are not toys and need to be taken seriously. If you’re too aggressive and don’t use them properly, you could end up with serious permanent damage.

Questionable methods

  1. Jelq-ing. This is basically like milking and stretching your weiner. You’re creating small micro tears that will heal and pulling blood into it as it stretches and gets longer. This action has negative consequences because if you’re too aggressive or go overboard, you can permanently damage your weiner. It can also create bruises.
  2. Hanging or stretching devices. Basically, you hang or stretch your weiner. To me, this is a recipe for disaster. You must weigh the risk versus the reward.
  3. Surgical options. Silicone sleeves that are implanted, such as extenders, are available. Make sure you’re careful. I recommend going the natural route.

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