13 Hobbies Women Think Make Men SEXY

August 24, 2022
Some of these hobbies are just for fun, like bird watching or playing with action figures. Sure, they may be cool, but you’ll get 20% less sex. On the flip side, the hobbies I’m going over today will impress the pants off of those spicy señoritas!

Hobbies that will impress the pants off of her!

  1. Volunteering is one of the sexiest and most attractive hobbies a person can have because it shows that you’re kind and compassionate. It will impress her off the charts. 
  2. Traveling demonstrates that you’re exciting and fun. You can be spontaneous with this too. Post pictures of all of your exotic getaways, which will make you more attractive.
  3. Playing the guitar (or pretty much any instrument) is one of the sexiest hobbies.
  4. Yoga is sexy because you can meet super limber sexy senoritas (women to men is 20:1), and they will think you are in touch with yourself and sensitive.
  5. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are cutting edge and super popular. It’s a sexy skill that will make you more attractive.
  6. Playing sports is attractive and will put you around awesome people. You will have fun with the highs & lows and getting sweaty. Watching sports has also been statistically shown to make dudes more attractive. To take it next level, combine crypto with sports with DraftKings to collect your favorite player NFTs and build a team. Head to DraftKings, sign-up using code ALPHAM, and navigate to their Marketplace where you can join a queue to purchase a pack of player cards. Each pack has different players cards, so enter your players into a Reignmakers line-up and watch the action unfold as your team scores points.
  7. Creating pottery will win you over other hobbies. 
  8. Flying may take more time, energy, and money, but it’s a proven fact that flying is cool.
  9. Scuba diving is another hot hobby because it’s fun and different.
  10. Writing will stretch your creative brain, and reading will fill your big beautiful brain with knowledge.
  11. Photography and painting are creative outlets that are incredibly sexy.
  12. Getting into the kitchen and cooking to feed that spicy senorita is sexy.
  13. Dancing will get you 25% more action. Check out my demonstration that will teach you a few basic dance moves. Don’t worry about looking stupid because nobody cares or notices. 

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