How to Be SEXY AF Even if You’re {Average} Looking!

April 26, 2023
The unfortunate reality most of us men have to face at some point is that we are not all born with Greek god-like features or incredibly chiseled bone structures, shredded abs, and pecs of steel. But if you implement the following, you can take your attraction level from a six to 13.8!

And if you wear a particular fragrance, you can go up to a 17.12… and get you in trouble with your wife. Check out my story about what happened when I went to the restroom at a restaurant the other night when wearing it!

Instantly make yourself more sexually desirable

  • Dress next-level sexy. People respond to well-dressed men. Also, wearing clothes that make you feel sexy makes you also feel confident.
  • Walk with confidence. Carry yourself with your chest up and shoulders back.
  • Make eye contact. Eye contact is devastatingly sexy, makes you seem more confident, and invites people into your soul. Make sure to get enough sleep and reduce dark puffy circles with my spoon tip.
  • Smile! Ensure your smile is white (check out my tips and tricks for getting whiter teeth) and you don’t smile cheesily. Have a twinkle in your eye along with that smirk.
  • Use less hair product. Make sure it’s not greasy, nasty, or crusty.
  • Smell incredible. We have 100% control over our scent. I don’t like wearing the same fragrance daily, so I go to YouTube for recommendations. I keep hearing about Gisada Ambassador. I have it now, and I can say wearing this fragrance will get more compliments than ever before. It’s crazy sexy, and there’s no better fragrance bang for your buck.
  • Be more vulnerable. A lot of guys think vulnerability is a weakness. But listen to me. Vulnerability is a strength. When you’re vulnerable, you connect quickly and deeper. You’ll be viewed as more confident and self-assured as well.
  • Start working out. Take care of your body; women love a nice booty and forearms. So, make sure you do squats and lunges too.
  • Do more and post it. Post pictures on social media of you going places and doing things to be viewed as more attractive, interesting, and exciting.
  • Have better skin. Use skincare, and lighten any dark pigmentation or scarring. Check out my tips and tricks.
  • Be successful. Have a plan, be motivated, and go after your dream. Women don’t want a dude who sits on his couch playing video games. Women don’t want to be with guys who always drink and live in their parent’s basement.

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