How to FIX Flat & Boring Hair! 6 Hacks for {INSTANT VOLUME}

June 12, 2023
Boring and flat hair sucks. That’s why I’m going to help you fix it today! There’s nothing worse than getting a cool cut, ready to be sexy, but when you look in the mirror, your hair is flat and lifeless.

When it comes to your hair having texture, practically all styles look fantastic when you dry them and use some of the styling products I will discuss. It’s all about creating life and separation so your hair is not flat. Also, if you have thin fine hair, these products and methods are an incredible way to give your hair thickness and fullness.

Tricks to fix lifeless hair

  1. Layers. If your stylist or barber did not give you layers, you cannot get piece-y separations. A proper cut is critical for your hair to look best. One of the downsides of going to a barber is they can do fading and blending. They leave the top of the hair one length that will be heavy and fall down instead of a style that creates different layers moving up the head. A stylist must go in and create separate layers by making each layer shorter to create an illusion of thick hair.
  2. Volumizing products. Using volumizing shampoo and volumizing conditioner with biotin and rice protein will create thickness and strengthen the hair.
  3. Sea salt spray pre-styler. Use sea salt spray to maximize whatever hairstyle you’re rocking. It will provide light, weightless volume that you can use with your other hair products. And another tip is making sure not to use too much hair product because the more you use, the heavier your hair will get and the more challenging time your hair will have standing up with volume.
  4. Better hair dryer. You don’t want a hair dryer that does more damage than good — that burns your hair and scalp. Dyson’s cost $450, which is crazy! That’s an insane price. But my buddy Travis compared the Dyson to the Laifen Swift, a fraction of the cost (use code AARON20), and found it a comparable product with exceptional technology. Your hair will be healthier and have more volume with no damage in a fraction of a time of a standard hair dryer. It’s the best hair dryer I’ve ever used, even better than the Dyson. Check out my demonstration.
  5. Texture powder. Texture powders have been making a big surge lately because they can be used on dry hair without any product or as a finisher. You can restyle throughout the day with the powder as well.
  6. Keep your hands off. Putting your hands through or in your hair is one of the biggest mistakes that flatten your hair. If you put your hands in your hair, you’re transferring all the dirt, grime, and oil from your hands to your hair. Your hair will get weighed down over the day.

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Taper and fade haircuts have become synonymous with timeless style and versatility, offering men a range of options to express their personality while maintaining a polished appearance. But understanding the nuances between each is crucial before you plop down in that barber’s chair if you truly want to nail the hairstyle you’re going for!

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