How to GLOW-UP as an Adult Man!

March 8, 2023
The term ‘glow up’ you’ve probably heard this floating around the internet like crazy. Well, the other day, I started to really think about what this term means technically. It refers to a physical, emotional, or mental transformation for the better. For me, the term boils down to being the best and most ideal version of yourself possible. Focus on five specific aspects to glow-up. I’ll review these five aspects plus give tips to improve each.

Be the ideal version of yourself — start now!

PHASE ONE Personal presentation — take care of your appearance, which includes style. Style separates you from everyone else. Go through your wardrobe and systematically remove items that you don’t like or haven’t worn in a year. Donate these to charity. Analyze what’s remaining; you love these items, and they will make you feel better and be more consistent with the look of your ideal self. Thereafter, go shopping (realize that a wardrobe is not bought overnight; it’s built). Personal presentation also includes grooming. Develop a grooming routine. Communication, both verbally and non-verbally, is part of personal presentation. Work on the way you walk with your chest up and shoulders back. Have an even stride. Don’t cross your arms, fidget on your phone while looking down, and make sure to look people in the eye. Speak without using filler words or cussing. And when talking to others, be a happy and optimistic person.

PHASE TWO Physical health — take care of yourself physically, which will make or break you in the future. Your health and happiness depend on it. If you aren’t healthy, nothing else matters. Remember that you need to (a) every single day do something good for your body, whether or not lifting weights, getting outside for a 30-minute walk, or more; (b) stay properly hydrated by drinking at least a gallon of lemon water daily; (c) take whole food multivitamins with vitamin C, B-complex, vitamin D, and zinc; (d) stop eating toxic fast and processed foods; (e) meal prep (every Sunday for me) and have healthy meals that you can easily heat and eat from Factor (use code ALPHAM50 to get 50% off your first Factor box); (f) make sleep a priority.

PHASE THREE Behaviors — assess what bad behaviors you need to modify. Are you drinking too much? Are you drinking & driving? Are you doing drugs … smoking pot? Are you hanging out with losers? What are you doing that’s preventing you from being your ideal self? Identify each by being honest with yourself.

PHASE FOUR Relationships — identify people in your life that aren’t good for you. Who are the toxic people holding you back or making you feel worse? Get rid of low-budget losers, the kind of people that aren’t going anywhere and just getting by. You need people who facilitate a good mental attitude and help you reach your next level. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting and supportive and who love you.  Shed baggage and have those hard conversations.

PHASE FIVE Career — where are you going? Are you doing what makes you happy, or are you miserable? Life is too short to hate what you’re doing for a job or the people that you’re working with. Make a plan without blindly chasing your dreams. Be smart about these changes but don’t waste time. Make decisions to do what’s right for you and not live for others. If you are serious about being the man that you were destined to be, it’s time to glow-up and be the ideal version of yourself. Part of that is being true to yourself and not living a life for someone else.

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