How to Grow a THICKER Beard {FAST}!

July 5, 2021
Beards are a super sexy accessory that men get to wear on their faces. But not all beards are created equal, and genetics plays a monstrous role in the fullness, thickness, and speed of growth. Further, don’t compare your beard to anybody else’s because this is your journey. However, you can do something to make your beards thicker and not so patchy.

Beard Growing Tips

  • Minoxidil — using Minoxidil on your face won’t help regrow hair. A study in 2016 showed very little to no difference between using Minoxidil and a placebo. Another study showed there was some benefit to eyebrow hair, in which the follicles are different from facial hair. Keep in mind that Minoxidil helps to regrow hair that was already there.
  • Beard Transplant — it’s definitely expensive, harvesting hair out of the back of your head and transplanting on your face.
  • Grow it for 30-days — grow it in and don’t shave it if/when it seems to be appearing patchy. You can train the beard hair with a brush to camouflage the hair.
  • Brush your facial hair — brush it everyday to help train the hair to lay in a specific direction (like over patchy areas) and to stimulate blood flow to get more nutrients to stimulate growth. 
    Dying facial hair –dying facial hair is a quick and easy way to have a thicker, fuller looking beard. It’s an effective tool because all of the lighter and finer hairs will be dyed, making your beard thicker looking.
  • Clean up boundaries — take a straight object and run it from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth. Shave everything above and leave everything below. If you don’t have a full beard, detail the dimension and concentrate the thick growth where you have it.  Check out my demonstration that follows the natural transition of your jaw, making your beard look better, more consistent, and more aesthetic.
  • Lift weights — when you lift, your body releases testosterone that will help to make your beard look better.
  • Supplementing testosterone — your beard will get better, but it’s not a reason to start taking testosterone IMO.
  • Vitamins — they help your overall health but they also can help your hair, skin, nails, and hair on your face. These include B6, B12, D, D, E, and biotin. You will notice a difference in  your hair after taking biotin (5 mg daily). Omegas also help, including Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Consume good fat from salmon, beans, avocado, nuts, and olive oil.
  • Hydrate your beard — it will be sexier and stronger with a few drops of beard oil worked into it daily.
  • Give it some time — as you age, your beard may get better. As I got older, my beard started to fill in. It didn’t connect to my chin until I was almost 40 years old.

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