How to Make Women WORSHIP You {7 Psychological Tricks}!

May 31, 2023
You will love this video if you want to have a woman revere, respect, and get with you. Dudes come in a wide variety: simps, nice guys, good dudes, strong men, alphas, betas, and god tier. That top tier, the god tier, is the level we’re shooting for today. If you do the things I will relay, good news, she will worship you.

She will revere you if you …

  1. Have financial stability. There’s nothing sexier and more attractive than being financially stable. This doesn’t mean that you’re killing it to the point of having Maseratis, but it means that you are financially sound and not spending money you don’t have. Women will not worship you if they have to support your ass. They want to be with a resourceful guy that has his shit together.
  2. Are not an ass-kisser. There’s zero chance she will worship or respect you if you bend over and simp. Do not be a nice guy or a people-pleaser telling people what they want to hear. Be the man you are destined to be, calm and confident. High standards not just for yourself but for other people. It’s very rare to see people not compromise their dignity in today’s world. If you have high standards, and others know this, they won’t take advantage of you. They will respect you more and want to be with you because nobody respects someone who doesn’t respect themselves.
  3. Dress like a sex machine. Pay attention to your style and realize it’s your responsibility. There’s nothing more attractive than a dude who walks into a room put together and dressed well. It’s a game-changer. Ensure you look good and set yourself apart from other dudes. Ensure your hair and grooming games are strong and your skin is sexy. Tiege Hanley has the best and most uncomplicated skincare system out there.
  4. Have a good physique. Have a decent body with a body fat no higher than 20%. Dad bods can get action, but you must be in decent shape if you want to be worshiped. Be disciplined, have pride in your appearance, and be a hard worker.
  5. Are seductive. Slow down and take your time! Understand the seduction starts before you get naked.
  6. Are interesting. You don’t have to jump out of airplanes, but you can’t be a dummy. You can’t be boring! Make some plans with her and get your ass off the couch.
  7. Are strong. Be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally; these three are critical for being amazing. Confidence and being a well-rounded individual are sexy. Deal with your issues from your past, be secure and who you are, and have hard conversations if needed. Get toxic people out of your life too.

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