How to MAX OUT Your Looks {Step-By-Step Guide}

May 3, 2023
Unfortunately, most men are not born with Greek god-like features, abs of steel, or an imposing 6’2 frame with chiseled pecs. We’re regular dudes who can all take simple steps to maximize our potential. I want to go over those today.

The {Regular Guy} Attraction Topping-Out Plan

  • Sleep. You must ensure you don’t have dark circles or bags under your eyes to look as good as possible. Shoot for 7:00 to 9 hours of sleep nightly.
  • Exercise. Exercise is critical for helping you build a strong physique while minimizing man boobs and love handles. Exercising daily will reduce your body fat and can develop a nice drop from shoulders to waste.
  • Posture. Having a good posture is critical to look attractive and confident. Keep your chest up, shoulders back, and chin elevated. Make sure your eyes are looking ahead. Make eye contact too.
  • Hygiene. You can look attractive, but if you’re stinky or your balls are funky, there’s zero chance you are as sexy as possible. Make sure to powder your balls and butt crack daily with a talc-free powder. Use deodorant without testosterone-reducing toxic chemicals.
  • Clothing. Wear clothing that fits your body to maximize your perceived positive attributes and minimize your perceived negatives. Understand how clothing fits your body and how different colors and styles help to create visual smoke and mirrors. Dress effectively to look taller, leaner, sexier, and more muscular.
  • Grooming products. Upgrade your grooming products to avoid harmful EDC chemicals or microplastics. These products will work better and also make you healthier. Build your own grooming routine step-by-step over at Pete & Pedro.
  • Skin. It’s essential to moisturize your face twice daily after washing to remove dirt, oil, and grime. Eat properly without a lot of salt and junk food. Drink enough water so that your skin will glow and radiate.
  • Facial hair. Beards are the equivalent of women’s makeup. Women can use makeup to look sexy, just as men grow beards. But make sure it stays trimmed regularly. Also, make sure your nose hairs are trimmed as well. Invest in a quality nose hair trimmer, which I use Pete & Pedro’s — the best grooming tool I’ve used for removing my nose hair. Check out the reviews.
  • Hair. And if you’re balding, go see Bosley if you don’t want to lose your hair. Do not try comb-overs. Upgrade the quality of your hair styling products to dramatically impact how sexy your hair is. Go for regular haircuts and change your hairstyle. Using a sea salt pre-styler after you shower is game-changing. Also, texture powder will add weightless volume.
  • Oral hygiene. Make sure you brush your teeth, floss, and whiten your teeth. White teeth elevate your attractiveness even if you have snaggled or crooked teeth. Bleaching strips or baking soda with peroxide can help whiten your grill.
  • Accessories. Adding details to your look will set you apart from everybody else.
  • Nails. Don’t have bitten, nasty, and crusty nails. These are disgusting. Your cuticle should not be picked either. Grab and use a manicure kit with all the essential tools for sexy nails.
  • Eyebrows. Pluck with quality tweezers in the center between your eyebrows so you have two. Never shave in that area. Also, do not make your eyebrows too thin, or you will look like a chick.
  • Smile! Smiling lets people know you’re warm, friendly, and attractive.

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Okay, guys– it’s undeniable that fluffy hair is taking over the scene these days, and it’s totally understandable why. That epic bro flow is incredible, if you can pull it off of course. So, if you’re ready to amp up your style with some extra fluff here’s your complete guide to achieving that enviable fluffy look.

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