#1 SECRET to talk to Girls with Confidence & Avoid AWKWARD Small Talk!

February 6, 2023
Marni, the Wing Girl, is back to answer some of the most burning questions you guys have. So one of the things that a lot of guys struggle with is anxiety when talking to a woman. Marni has an incredible method of approaching and talking to somebody you’re interested in.

How to approach a woman

Marni recommends the following method: observe, share, and ask (OSA), which cuts out the first few minutes of fluff. Also, OSA has you approaching her as if you already know her – not as if you are asking for permission.

So for the ‘observe’ part, you make an observation about the world around you. Then ‘share’ about that observation, which expands on the why behind the observation. You’re going to say why you made that observation and how it pertains to you, which is an area that’s so difficult for many men because they have to ask question after question to get a woman to open up. But instead, the man should lead by example. During the sharing, he should open himself up first to give little tidbits about himself.

Check out her examples of this OSA method, which I act out with her. You’ll see how this method pulls it all together rather than using the direct approach. Marni also recommends another way to approach women: going up to her and saying that you love her vibe or her energy.

Compliments, Non-verbal communication, and Assumptions

At the end of the day, every woman likes a compliment, but it’s not going to be that hurdle that will get her to open up and start chatting with you. But absolutely, you can go up to her and be bold and give her a compliment. Very few things are off-limits to compliment.

Remember, it’s not WHAT is said but HOW it is said. 85% of communication is nonverbal. Nonverbal communication is a more significant piece of the attraction equation than what is actually said.

A woman can drop a barrier if you continue to ask questions without actually you opening up. So instead of asking questions, make assumptions. She can’t help but engage and respond to that. She can simply answer questions and then move away. Making assumptions is also a great way to start teasing and escalating, as well.

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