Is Your Hairline SLOWLY Receding? {Hairline Test} + 4 BEST Hairstyles to Hide It!

June 7, 2021
A lot of guys are concerned about their hairline. So I’m going to help you determine if your hairline is mature or receding. I’m also providing hair styles for men with receding hairlines or large foreheads.

All hairlines are not identical — but we all have had a juvenile hairline (softer along the edges and not so square). A mature hairline happens to 95% of men where the hairline lifts higher.  Wrinkle up your forehead — does your hairline start at the first wrinkle? You still have the juvenile hairline. The mature hairline is higher due to changes in our facial structure. It’s a half an inch from top wrinkle. The difference between it and a receding hairline is it lifts uniformly. A receding creates a horseshoe shape, starting in the temples first.

Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

  • Horseshoe shape and not a uniform hairline
  • Hair in temple area is getting thinner
  • The hairline has moved more than an inch from the top wrinkle
  • You lose more than 100 hairs per day
  • Your hair quality is not good
  • Your hair is growing slower
  • Male pattern baldness runs in your family

Hair styles if you’re losing your hair

  • Buzzing it off or shaving it off completely — then rock a light beard and add some cool frames to balance your face
  • Caesar cut — shorter and fring-y on your face. The hair grows a bit longer in the temple area, pulling it forward.
  • Fringe hair style — allow your bangs to grow down and then pull it over to camouflage the larger forehead.
  • Modified side part — if your hair has just started to recede, make it look like a part.


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