10 Items a Man Should NEVER Wear To the Gym

October 26, 2023
If you consider yourself a stylish gentleman, it doesn’t stop when you cross the threshold of the Iron Palace. You must ensure you wear clothing that fits, looks sexy, and enhances your body. You also want to ensure you don’t look like a huge monstrous douche. Plus, the sheer spiciness of the senoritas that are at the gym nowadays is mind-blowing. The gym is a fantastic place to meet a single spicy senorita, but you must ensure you’re ready.

Remember, when it comes to style, it’s not just about what you do when you go to work or go out with your friends. It’s about how you style yourself anywhere, whether going to the grocery store or the gym. I’m not saying that you need to wear a three-piece suit or Versace, but you need to be diligent and choose the items that make you feel good and are appropriate regardless of where you are or who you are with.

The key to looking stylish at the gym

  1. Footwear. You have to make sure you’re wearing the correct footwear. You should not wear Crocs, sandals, flip-flops, nasty, worn-out sneakers, or stinky boots. I’ve literally seen work boots and slippers. An insane incident that I saw recently was bare feet. Never be barefoot! You should also be wearing socks.
  2. Shorts. Do not wear super short shorts. Also, long shorts will make you look super short. Ensure your shorts go down about mid-thigh or about an inch above your knee. If you’re wearing mesh shorts, you must ensure you’re wearing underwear because nobody wants to see your wiener flopping around. Cargo shorts and khakis are out. And anything with pleats is out. Make sure the shorts you’re wearing fit properly and are stretchy so that you can move.
  3. Pants. Don’t wear spandex pants alone because nobody wants to see your package. Make sure your pants aren’t too big and baggy. They should not be puddling and pooling around your feet. Another downside to wearing baggy pants is that they make you look short. Squishy pants with huge openings are not stylish either. You want pants that are tailored and tapered.
  4. Sweatpants. The type with the standard elastic waistband at the bottoms also are not your best option. Opt for joggers, the best gym pants, because they look fantastic both in the gym and when you’re out and about casually, as athleisure.
  5. T-shirts. Don’t wear a T-shirt with anything offensive. I also don’t wear stinky T-shirts.
  6. Sports fabric shirts. A downside to many sports shirts is the moisture-wicking fabric because, often, that synthetic fabric allows bacteria to get inside the fibers, and you need to use a sports detergent to avoid stinking. Also, hang up your sweaty items to dry before tossing them into the hamper. Further, wash your clothes inside out to help get the funk and stink out of the fabric. Water temperature should be as hot as possible to remove the stink from workout clothing. Another point is not to wear skin-tight clothing. You’re not as lean as you think, so stretching these items over your body shows off all the nooks, crannies, and softness like love handles and man boobs. Stubble catches on the fabric, too. You also don’t want your gut hanging out while working out.
  7. Sweatshirts. Don’t wear big oversized ratty sweatshirts. Show off more of what’s underneath by having a sweatshirt fit properly and doesn’t make you look like a little boy with many big logos and designs. Ensure you are opting for more subdued colors and patterns and that they coordinate. Nothing screams look at me like the wrong clothing.
  8. No-go tank tops. Homemade tank tops are bad and look bad on literally everybody. Do not expose your man boob meat and soft doughy middle. They also make you look small because moving the sleeve so low makes the shirt look like a box. Wife beaters are a no-go.
  9. Appropriate tanks. An alternative for a tank top is straps that are thinner but not super crazy tight and a body that fits well that’s not skin tight.
  10. Hats. Hats are appropriate in the gym setting, such as a simple baseball hat. But don’t turn the hat sideways. I’ve softened about a backward hat because it does make you look more youthful. Ensure your hats are clean, compliment your outfit, and don’t smell like ass. Never tuck your ears into your hat because that looks lame.

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