16 Items Men Wear That Women HATE

November 22, 2023
Today, I’m going over the master list of items that men wear that women absolutely cannot stand.
  1. Leather jackets. Controversy surrounds whether or not a man should wear leather jackets over the age of 30. I say F them. They have no idea what they’re talking about if you wear a leather jacket and follow the rules. It has to be real leather, it can’t be big and baggy, and it must coordinate with your style. I demonstrate some timeless jackets that work across all ages and demographics.
  2. Little boy baseball hats. They make you look beautiful and immature.
  3. Cheap sunglasses. These make you look cheap and terrible.
  4. Stinky body spray. This also includes super popular fragrances because you will smell like her ex-boyfriend, whom she does not want to be with.
  5. Backpacks. These make you look really immature.
  6. Earrings and over-accessorization. There’s a fine line between looking stylish and cool and overdoing it. Wear a badass ring or chain, but you don’t want to wear 16 bracelets. Yes, a watch is great, but not an Apple watch.
  7. Certain shoes. Running shoes should be reserved only for running. Tom’s and boat shoes are also a no. Instead, opt for badass matte black boots like the ones I demonstrate in the video. Boots are the great equalizer in men’s sexy footwear. They also give you a bit of height and make you look like a badass. I love Chelsea boots because they’re clean with no shoelaces to get hung up on your pants. You can add richness and texture to your outfit by wearing a pair of suede Chelsea boots. Chukkas are also another must-have that can be paired with jeans or chinos. One of the most beautiful pairs of boots that I own are wing tip rogue dress boots; I get so many compliments from them.
  8. Bad underwear. These are negative if you’re rocking a pair of little boy boxers or tighty whities. You need to make sure your underwear is smooth and sexy.
  9. Deep v-necks. Showing a little man cleavage is okay by just unbuttoning your shirt to show it off, but not a deep v.
  10. Wife beaters. Instead of wearing a wife beater, up for a simple white tank that is not too tight and it’s a bit looser. It is more appropriate than a wife beater.
  11. Boxy, baggie suits. A suit will give you the opportunity to look unbelievable, but unfortunately, too many guys walk into a store and take one off the rack. It’s too baggy and boxy, making them look dumpy and dorky like a dad. You don’t need to spend much, but ensure your suit is tailored and tapered to your body.
  12. Dad jeans. You need to make sure your jeans fit you properly without being too tight or too loose, falling off your ass.
  13. Open-toed shoes with nasty toes and nails. Ensure your feet are cared for, and do not wear flip-flops or sandals with socks.
  14. Dorky polos.
  15. Too many patterns. Make sure the patterns are subdued and you’re not wearing multiple patterns.
  16. Sloppy slob. She does not want to walk into a room with you looking like a slob. She wants you to dress with intention and style because she wants to be proud of you. She spends a lot of time and energy making herself beautiful and sexy, and you need to do the same for her.

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