6 Shoes Men Should NEVER Wear With Jeans!

September 23, 2021
Nothing makes you look sexier than when you rock a perfect pair of denim — jeans that when you slip them on, you look and feel incredible. But it doesn’t matter how bangin’ your booty looks if you’re wearing shoes that make you look like a dork. Here are a few shoes that you should NEVER wear with jeans.

Don’t mix-and-mingle these shoes with denim

  1. Running shoes — athletic shoes are designed for the gym, working out, or running. Instead, wear Chuck Taylors, Vans, Adidas, Puma, or minimal leather sneakers. Also, be sure to tie them properly so the laces lay nicely across your shoes — check out my tutorial in this video.
  2. Black dress shoes — there’s nothing worse than a shiny pair of black dress shoes with a pair of denim. If you want dress shoes, brown is a much better option. Also, don’t wear shiny shoes with denim. The shinier the dress shoe, the imbalance is worse. Opt for a matte finish instead. A few options that look amazing with denim are simple clean brown loafers (with or without socks), tassel loafers, single monk straps, and wing tips (double monk, slip-on loafer, lace-up).
  3. Cowboy, biker, or pointy boots — slim fit or standard fit jeans (aka tapered jeans) will not fall right over cowboy boots or biker boots. Also, don’t wear pointy boots as they’re dated. Choose, instead, a more rugged boot with a cap toe + side zipper or a Chelsea boot like my brown suede version that has a patina toe. I also love my boots with laces.
  4. Boat shoes — there are so many better alternatives. But if you have to wear boat shoes, wear them with lightweight cotton pants like chinos. And if you rock them with shorts, don’t wear socks.
  5. Mandels — if you must wear these, wear them with shorts but never with jeans. In regard to flip flops worn with jeans, I could go either way. I have seen this combination look good, but I’ve also seen it look pretty bad. Rules for wearing flip flops include: don’t wear them too big, don’t have your toes hanging over like claws, and don’t have funky feet.
  6. Dirty, nasty, scuffed shoes + laces — use a Magic Eraser to keep your shoes and soles clean. Make sure  your shoes aren’t scuffed either. Use a sponge + polish to rub over scuffs on your boots. Learn how to do a proper polish, which can also be a bit therapeutic and fun.

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