How to Dress {CASUAL COOL} as an Adult Man This Spring | Stop Dressing Like a Boy!

April 24, 2023
If you want to look extra sexy this spring and summer, you’ll love this video. I will cover some men’s spring style essentials that I will be personally rocking in hopes of inspiring you to look smoother and sexier this spring.

These timeless essentials will look good on you now and into the future. The lightweight sweaters, shirts, and polos come from one of my favorite men’s style companies, John Henrik. They are better quality and price and Suit Supply, and they are direct to consumer (a premium brand but cutting out the premium price). The fit is flawless, and the fabrics are luxurious.

Timeless Men’s Springtime Style Essentials

  • White minimal sneakers. These are a must-have for every stylish dude because of their sheer versatility. They look great with jeans, chinos, and slacks. They can be dressed up or down.
  • Brown leather loafers. They were incredibly well when combined with jeans or chinos, but you can also rock them with shorts. The brown color is much better than the black because it’s richer and more versatile with matching different colors.
  • Light wash jeans. It’s now time to break out the lighter-wash denim. You can also go a little bit more medium.
  • Lightweight cotton chinos. They come in many fun colors, from green to tan to blue to light blue. They work well with nice loafers or minimal sneakers. It’s all about rocking fresh colors for spring, such as light blue.
  • Polo shirt. Make sure the fit is right. The arm should not be too tight, and neither should the body. A Merino wool polo that can be dressed up or down and has an elevated aesthetic. Ensure it’s strategically snug through the chest, and the collar should not be sloppy. Select from gray to navy blue to light blue to off-white. For chillier spring nights, try a long sleeve polo. You could even wear it on a date night. Dress it up with some chinos or slacks, and add a vest.
  • Lightweight crewneck sweater. This simple item will match with denim, tan, gray, or pretty much anything. It’s a simple elevated way to look more refined and put together rather than wearing a sweatshirt.
  • Half placket button up. The Jersey fabric is lightweight, and the shirt has cuffs and buttons with a rigid collar. The bottom is curved, and you can roll the sleeves like any other button-up shirt to show off your forearms.
  • Lightweight jacket. You can wad up this type of jacket and toss it into your car. It looks great with many pieces, making you feel like a badass. It’s all the subtle details. Olive green or dark navy work so well.
  • Sunglasses. The clubmaster-inspired styles are the sexiest options. Check out the tortoise frame instead of darker or black shades because the tortoise is fresher and looks great with brown loafers.
  • Hats. If you’re going to be rocking a hat, make sure it’s clean and stylish.
  • Light, fresh fragrance. Not all fragrances were created equal, and certain scents are better at certain seasons. Darker and heavier fragrances are better in the cooler months. You will want a bright, light, fresh fragrance in springtime and summer.

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