10 Picture Rules ALL Men Should Follow {to ALWAYS Look GREAT}

May 8, 2023
I don’t care how great the lighting is or how pumped your pecs are; the gym bathroom is not where to take shirtless selfies. And that being said, I will go over some picture-taking rules that all adult men should follow. I’m breaking the content up into two essential parts. The first part will cover tips always to look your best in pictures, and the second part will cover don’ts.

Always look your best

  1. Don’t wear white. Wearing white will wash you out, which is a downside. White will also make your teeth look a bit yellow or discolored. Super bright and poppy colors like red or bright blue are also not ideal for making you look the best. I recommend light shades such as light blue, making you look fresh and bright. Small tight patterns are also not ideal for pictures because the patterns do weird things to the camera. Don’t wear horizontal stripes either, which will make you look fat.
  2. Smile like a model. When you smile big and cheesy, your face gets distorted. You’ll also get wrinkles on your eyes and forehead. Instead, jam your tongue against your back teeth. When you press your tongue against the back of your teeth, the rest of your face will relax.
  3. Whiten your teeth. A white smile automatically makes you look better, happier, and fresher in pictures. Bleaching strips are quick and easy to use.
  4. Elevate your camera + chin. If you’re taking a selfie, ensure the camera is above you, facing down. Your face will look more angular. Also, stand proud with your chest up and your shoulders back with your chin elevated slightly, angled to the camera.
  5. Don’t reflect the light. Shiny, wet, and oily faces reflect light. Wipe off your T-zone with the back of your hands but don’t use your fingers. The back of your hand is typically drier and has less grease. To avoid having oily skin, develop a solid skincare routine. Tiege Hanley gives you all the quantities you need and lets you know how to use them. You won’t have breakouts, blemishes, dark circles, or oily skin. Start with the Level 1 system, which has the four core foundational products. Wash your face twice daily, exfoliate twice weekly, and use AM moisturizer with SPF before leaving the house and PM moisturizer before bed.
  6. Get a better haircut. You won’t look as good if you have a grown-out or disheveled style. Also, too much product will make your hair look oily and greasy. Go for a new cut. And if you’re balding, don’t try to cover it up. It doesn’t look natural. And if you want to do something about it, go see Bosley. They can get your real hair back or stop your current hair from falling out. If you’re going to embrace hair loss, shave it off.
  7. Grow facial hair. Facial hair is the equivalent of women’s makeup. Facial hair adds detail and dimension to your face and prevents the light from reflecting. Facial hair can strengthen a weak jaw.

Picture posing don’ts.

  1. No pictures at the gym. Taking pictures while sitting on a machine makes you look like a huge egomaniac.
  2. Never take pictures in a public bathroom. Even if the lighting is incredible, you don’t have to capture the moment there. You will look like a douche.
  3. Don’t look all crazy-eyed. Look at the lens. Adult men should not look all crazy, not actually looking at the lens. Before you take a picture, make sure you find the lens. Even if you’re slightly off, you won’t look as good as possible. Look straight at the camera!
  4. Don’t blink. It’s not sexy when you’re half blinking in a picture. Make sure you’re ready for the picture with your eyes nice and big. Hold it. Sure, they may get dried out but hold it. 
  5. Don’t move. Eyes open with your tongue against your teeth, sucking in your gut, and freeze. Hold your breath. Hold your breath allows you to freeze and lock everything in.
  6. Never square your shoulders. Never square your shoulders to the camera. Always posing a slight angle because everyone has a better, more attractive side of their face. We are not perfectly symmetrical. To find out your best side, take a picture of yourself on each side and decide which looks better. That will be your side, and when having a picture taken, take control.
  7. No improper hand placement. One of your hands can go in your pocket. If you take a picture with your boy, one hand could go behind his back or shoulder. You could go below on his waist if he’s taller than you, or you could stand with your hands clasped in the front, although that pose makes you look like you’re trying to be a little bit hard.
  8. Don’t try to look tough or sexy. The goal is to look confident and proud. If you’re posing with another person, put one hand on your hip facing away from the camera and then take the other hand and point your finger at the person or give a thumbs up. 
  9. Don’t try to look funny. Everybody has seen that dude the tries to ruin the photo. It’s NOT funny.
  10. Don’t be the ‘don’t’ dude. If they want you to be in a picture, own it. Change it if you’re unhappy for whatever reason, whether or not it’s some aspect of your body or physique. Go to the gym and work out. If it’s your smile, fix it. If it’s your face, use Tiege Hanley. If you’re balding, go see Bosley. If you need a better hair product, visit Pete & Pedro. Do things so that you’re more confident about your appearance.
  11. No pictures of your pickle. Don’t do it! Your phone could get hacked, or whoever you sent the pickle picture could show it to all her friends. Also, her mom could grab her phone and see your pickle.

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