Top 10 Men’s Smile DON’Ts! | STOP Looking Creepy & Awkward When Smiling

June 24, 2022
One thing that will help you be a social ninja is developing an incredible smile. Your smile is the most powerful non-verbal communication tool that you have. If you use it properly, game over — you win. But if you use or deploy it improperly, you can look creepy. To help you knock it out of the ‘smile park,’ I’m going over the biggest smile don’ts and how to fix them to have an incredibly attractive smile.

Your smile is the most powerful nonverbal communication tool at your disposal. You need to use it because being viewed as friendly, engaging, and competent is critical. Your smile will make you somebody that people will want to hang out with and hire because people want to be around those that are friendly and outgoing. Just know how to do it properly … and do not bite your tongue!

Smile Rules

  1. Don’t be insecure or weird about smiling – if you are, identify why and fix it. Many orthodontic and dental procedures are available, as well as financing.
  2. Don’t have a nasty, disgusting mouth – go to the dentist every 6 months for a checkup, floss every day at least once a day, and use a sonic toothbrush such as the Brio Smart Clean.
  3. Don’t have discolored or yellow teeth – no matter the quality or quantity of the teeth, make sure they’re white. White teeth will make your smile better no matter what. You can use bleaching trays or whitening strips. The Ollie Strips are the best I’ve ever used.
  4. Don’t bite your lip when smiling – it looks creepy.
  5. Don’t touch your mouth – it also looks creepy.
  6. Don’t allow your mustache hair to come over your lips – make sure you’re trimming it.
  7. Don’t have crusty and cracked lips – use Vaseline at night. Chapsticks actually have agents that will dry and crack your lips more.
  8. Don’t have your eyes down when you’re smiling – smirking doesn’t look good.
  9. Don’t half-ass or fake smile – the top part of your face will look dead. Use your whole face, so your eyes also smile.
  10. Don’t smile big and ‘cheese it’ in a picture – you will look terrible.

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