6 Underwear Mistakes DAMAGING Your Body!

March 6, 2023
Check out my story at the beginning of this video before watching the rest of it. It’s embarrassing, but the story has context to today’s topic: underwear mistakes potentially damaging your balls.

Don’t harm your body or Big Al and the Twins!

  1. Wet underwear. It’s already a hot, stinky, sweaty, damp mess in your pants that causes odor, bacteria, and fungus. This is one of the reasons jock itch develops. Keep it as dry as possible down there by powdering your balls. Also, your underwear can get damp from working out. Ensure you bring a second pair of underwear to go home or change into. Do not hang out and sit in wet undies.
  2. Rewearing dirty underwear. According to the Director of Clinical Microbiology at New York University, between 1/10th and one gram of fecal matter is in a pair of worn underwear. Even if you don’t have skid marks, this happens. Wear them once and then wash them.
  3. Not washing properly. You must wash your underwear in water between 150 to 100° F to properly clean them.
  4. Drying underwear on high heat. Tumble dryer underwear on a lower setting because the high temperature will reduce the elasticity and stretch. Underwear that is baggy, saggy, and not supportive is a problem. Modal retains its shape ten times longer than cotton. They won’t get worn out as fast and provides gentle support without being super tight.
  5. Underwear that’s too tight. Your balls regulate the temperature of your sperm, but if you’re wearing underwear that’s too restrictive and close to your body, your balls will be unable to do what they need. Men who primarily wear less restrictive underwear have 25% higher sperm concentration. Also, tight underwear can cause sperm to be 33% less potent. I love Sheath underwear so much because it’s supportive without being too tight due to the dual chamber design. By separating Big Al and the Twins, you will stay fresher longer and not smell or get chafed. Another bonus is you look gigantic because of the chamber.  Enjoy a special discount offer for your total SHEATH order (offer automatically applied at checkout).
  6. Wearing underwear to bed. This is bad because it’s not optimal for testicle temperature and sperm health. When you’re under your covers, you’ll get hot, and you don’t want your testicles to be up against your body from wearing underwear. If you sleep naked, your balls can get loose, saggy, and flop to the side, away from your body.

Underwear mistakes you should never ever make!

  • White underwear. Poop stains! Remember what I was talking about with fecal matter? Discolored and stained underwear is a complete turn-off.
  • Boxers. First, you need support unless you want droopy balls. Also, boxers look crappy in slim-fit pants or chinos.
  • Fundies. You don’t want to look fun; you want to look sexy and stylish. You want to be smooth looking in AND out of your clothes.
  • Old underwear. If your underwear has holes, is stained, or is stretched out, it’s time to get new underwear. Funky and nasty underwear is a no-no. Once a year, go through your underwear and get rid of pairs you’ve had for a long time or that are too long, nasty, stretched out, stained, or not sexy.

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