10 Mistakes KILLING Your {Package}

November 8, 2023
The amount of research is disturbing about how much of men’s bodies are being messed up by the environment, the things they’re consuming, and more. That being said, here are mistakes killing your package.

Don’t do these to Big Al & the Twins!

  1. Not ejaculating 21x a month. Data from research shows that if you’re not reaching that 21 times a month, you’re increasing your risk of prostate cancer and fertility reduction.
  2. Being overweight. For every 20 pounds, you’re decreasing your fertility by 10%.
  3. Smoking. Research shows that if you smoke once a week, you’re fertility and sperm count will drop by 29%.
  4. Laptop on lap. If you sit with your laptop directly on your junk, your sperm will be destroyed by the heat and radiation. Also, don’t keep your phone in your front pocket beside your balls. This can reduce fertility and sperm count.
  5. Plastics and Parabens. (a) BPA is destroying the endocrine systems, testosterone levels, sperm counts, and fertility. (b) Parabens, found in shampoos, styling products, body washes, and more, are also EDCs. Look for paraben and sulfate-free products.
  6. Tight pants. Skinny jeans, tight underwear, and other tight pants lower sperm count and fertility because your package can’t breathe and effectively regulate temperature. However, they should always be supported, so never wear boxers. Urologists are recommending Sheath underwear, which I’ve been wearing for years. They have a dual chamber design, putting the Twins in a pouch and Big Al through a hole. You’ll stay dryer and fresher.
  7. Alcohol & Dairy. (a) Alcohol adversely affects Big Al and the Twins as well as your prostate. Alcohol reduces testosterone, fertility, and sperm count because of phytoestrogens & hops and contributes to man boobs. Keep in mind that when you’re drunk, you can make bad decisions that could potentially expose you to a disease or pregnancy. Make sure you wrap that rascal. Alcohol also increases your risk of developing prostate cancer, which is on the rise. Go for regular screenings and get your PSA level checked. (b) Also, drinking a third cup of dairy a day increases your risk of prostate cancer by 25%. Also, drinking one diet soda a day with aspartame will increase your risk of developing prostate cancer by 50%. Also, the more sugar you consume, the worse your body will be. Cut back and get healthier.
  8. Unhealthy diet. (a) Processed meat like hot dogs and cold cuts are horrible and will increase your risk of developing cancer because of the nitrates and preservatives. (b) If you’re not eating a healthy, clean diet but consuming a lot of saturated fat from trash food, Big Al will not be as hard as it can be. And make sure you consume enough omega-3, -6, and -9.
  9. Not using Big Al. Routinely filling it with blood to become bigger, harder, and firmer. It’s like doing bicep curls.
  10. Nicotine. Smoking also affects Big Al because it’s a vasoconstrictor. Instead, increase blood flow by consuming L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, our natural amino acids that increase blood flow. Your body converts them to nitric oxide, a vasodilator, allowing more blood flow to Big Al.

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