7 Workout {Rules} You Need to IGNORE … to Build MORE Muscle!

May 30, 2022
Nothing will change your life like working out and taking care of your body. At the age of 12, my mom gave me a fitness membership and that was the point in my life when everything changed. My confidence went through the roof, and since then, I’ve been hooked (so much so that I wanted to make it my career). Working out has been the one thing that has been consistent in my life since I was 12 years old. Today, I am going to go over specifically how to make muscles bigger and better by breaking some common rules. I am sure most of these are contradictory to what you’ve heard before.

You need to stop thinking that …

  1. Someone’s workout plan and diet will work for you – just because they have a great body doesn’t mean that their workout plan and diet will work for you or that they’ve figured it out. Find what’s going to work for you and your body.
  2. Steroids, performance enhancing drugs, or TRT are necessary —  you can have an amazing body without the use of these things. It will take longer, and you will have to work harder, but the natural gains will last longer. Plus, most importantly, you will be healthier in the long run. The reason why I still look good at 46 is because of consistency and taking care of my body.
  3. Strength doesn’t matter –  building more mass is all about progressive overload, which is constantly and consistently increasing the workload in order to get bigger, stronger, and sexier muscles. The Alpha Progression app is a trick that I found that changed my game. Customize it to your needs and the equipment that you have. Focus on what body parts you want and how often. Try the Alpha Progression app for FREE with the code ALPHAM.
  4. You can only workout specific muscles once a week – actually, twice a week is optimal. If you have a body part that is lagging in terms of size to your other body parts, I recommend hitting it twice a week. Give it about 3 days in between.
  5. You can’t take a day off from the gym – workout at the gym, break down the muscle fiber and tissue, consume protein & amino acids when you get home to rebuild those damaged muscle fibers bigger, stronger, sexier. And then you must give your muscles time enough to rest and fully recover to see progress. That’s when the growth happens.
  6. More protein is needed to get bigger muscles – your body can only assimilate 35 to 40 grams of protein per meal. So, if you’re eating more than that, you’re literally wasting it. 1 g of protein per lean pound of body mass is what you’re aiming for. Check out the video for how I calculate this.
  7. Dirty bulking packs on muscle – dirty bulking only makes you chubby and fat. Don’t get sloppy fat! Sure, you will gain a little bit of muscle, but the truth is that you’re not gaining much lean muscle mass. It’s not just about eating enough calories in order to facilitate muscle growth. Dial in your diet by figuring out your calorie needs to gain muscle. Figure out your basil metabolic rate with this calculator, which is the amount of calories that you’ll burn during the day to breakeven. Then, increase the amount of calories by 3,500 per week to gain 1 lb of muscle. Break that out over the week.
  8. Cardio will destroy your gains – if you do your cardio before you work out, you won’t be as strong lifting. But after you work out, doing 30 minutes of cardio is amazing for keeping your body fat in check. The lower your body fat, the more muscles will show.

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