10 Things You Need to Give Up to Be Successful

September 11, 2023
Would you be interested if I told you that I have a secret that you could do to be wildly successful, only working 2 hours per month, resulting in making millions and millions of dollars? Everybody would be interested. That’s why these online idiots are making so much money, trying to sell hopes and dreams. They sell you a plan that all you need to do is XYZ, and then you’ll kill it.

But these gurus fail to mention that you’ll have to take these steps and give up other things. These things that you need to give up are what I have found to be the most important to becoming financially stable, successful, and ultimately wealthy. Today, I want to review what I had to give up to become rich.

Remember that success is not a straight line. It’s jagged, which you will go over speed bumps and hills, sometimes you feel like you made a wrong turn, and sometimes you have to swing back. You need to focus and not waste time if you genuinely want to be successful. Make yourself the priority, and stop lying to yourself.

What you must STOP to achieve success and wealth

  1. Fear of others’ judgments. I had to give up the fear of what other people thought of me to become successful. If you hear nothing else from this video, hear this: people don’t think about you the way that you think that they do. The world is not revolving around you, and this fear can hold so many people back from going after their dreams and trying to do something against the grain. People get so worried about what other people are thinking when the truth is others are not thinking about them. They’re thinking about themselves and worried about their own lives and insecurities.
  2. Fear of failure. If you ever expect to be anything, you must overcome the fear of failing. Failure is part of your journey and success equation, and you must be willing to take chances even if you don’t know the outcome. Even once you’re successful, failures still happen. It’s part of the process of growth.
  3. The belief of an easy button. There is no easy way, cheat code, secret, or hack to success or wealth. Being great at anything takes putting in the time and consistently showing up. If someone tells you there’s a secret to success, they are lying to you and trying to steal your money.
  4. Negative influences. Give up those holding you down and instead surround yourself with uplifting people.
  5. Scarcity mindset. Getting to success is about more than acquiring a limited amount of resources — it’s about building a network that collectively helps each other. You can all win.
  6. Fun & free time. Getting to success may mean working rather than going out and socializing. Eventually, hard work will pay off. When I look at where I am versus where those who didn’t put in the time, it’s unbelievable. I focused and delayed gratification.
  7. Impulsivity. You must give up the impulsive buying, doing, and achieving now because you know that investing will pay off. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and the results will show.
  8. Making comparisons. Don’t compare yourself to other people and where they are in life. I’ve struggled with it as I used to look at social media and feel like a failure because I thought I was broke compared to others. This is dangerous because the only person you should focus on is yourself and where you were yesterday compared to today. It’s all about progress, the journey, and progression.
  9. Perfectionism. Too many people get hung up on trying to be perfect. You have to be willing to jump and take a chance. Test and try and do. You then can adjust and reevaluate. Ultimately, you will never launch if you think the timing must be perfect. The other reality is nothing will ever be perfect, and you will have to modify whatever you put out there in the world.
  10. Procrastination. You must take that first step into your journey, purpose, and path.

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