7 NON-Physical Traits That Will Make a Woman BEG For You!

October 31, 2022
One of the biggest misconceptions about attraction is that it’s all about looks. Dudes are stimulated when they see a nice set of boobs and/or a nice banging booty. Conversely, women are a bit more discerning with what they find attractive. Many things that make you the most attractive have nothing to do with your physical looks. I’m going over a few of these non-physical male traits that females absolutely beg for. If you have them, the good news is that she will be begging for you.

The video is broken up into two parts. First, I’ll go over the non-physical traits that women beg for, and the second part will cover some of my personal secrets to compensate for what I lack. For example, I am short, I don’t have a gigantic weiner, I have small calves, and I have pointy ears. Physically speaking, I’m not exactly a ‘specimen,’ but I’ve always managed to outkick my coverage in terms of spicy señoritas. And before we start, smelling incredible is a must. Grab this Pete & Pedro Fragrance Bundle for over $30 OFF and smell amazing!

Females love these male non-physical traits

  1. Acting like a man. Women are drawn to manly men in a world full of puss boys. Don’t be a wuss!
  2. Handling yourself. Being calm, cool, and collected are attractive. But freaking out, not controlling emotions, and losing your mind are not.
  3. Commanding a room. Certain dudes suck with communication and our unsure of themselves. They use many filler words and don’t know how to carry on a conversation. On the flip side, a man that walks into a room, meets people, shakes hands, and has conversations that make people feel good about themselves is incredibly sexy. Articulate your thoughts and be sure of yourself and what you’re saying, even when you may ruffle a few feathers. In other words, speak your mind.
  4. Having a sense of humor. Being funny is next level. Women don’t want to be with someone who is super serious all the time. Poke fun at yourself, but don’t be the class clown. Funny memes are a great attraction hack.
  5. Being vulnerable. Let people in your world know how you feel, which is incredibly attractive. If you put up a wall, you’re not allowing people into your world, and you will make them feel like they can’t relate to you. Tell people some personal things to enable them to see your vulnerable side.
  6. Continuing to gain knowledge. If you are a bit more introspective, reading books or listening to audiobooks, you are definitely more attractive in the brain department.
  7. Having the ability to flirt. Understand body language in terms of timing, touching, and eye contact. Body language is one of the great equalizers in terms of attraction. You don’t have to have an incredible physique or be super tall or muscular if you know how to carry yourself and communicate. You can learn the skill even if you’re not naturally good at flirting. Marni from Wing Girl Method is a great resource. We recently started a series called Chick Magnet. Check it out.

Why have I been able to outkick my coverage?

  • Just go and try. Be friendly & happy, smile, and not be overly goofy. Be confident and ask. Have the ability to push down the fear and negative voice in the back of your head and ask.
  • Remember that many prettiest girls are lonely because guys are intimidated and not going up to them. Go for it!
  • Believe in yourself. Although I haven’t had all the same resources that other guys have had, I’ve always believed in my abilities. Although I have not been gifted physically, I’ve had confidence and the willingness to push down that little voice and take a chance.

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