10 POWERFUL Body Language Tricks Men Should Use

May 25, 2023
If you see anyone in the power pose, run away because they’re probably weird!  However, what is not weird as hell are some of my favorite body language tricks to look more confident, self-assured, and powerful that I will show you today.

Look influential and assertive instantly!

  1. Put your phone away. People will not approach you if you’re looking at your phone. You will also not be making eye contact with other people. Put your phone away to look more confident.
  2. Don’t cross your arms or stick your hands into your pockets. When standing, crossing your arms tells the world that you don’t want anyone to talk to you. You will appear defensive as opposed to confident with open body language. Don’t stick your hands into your pockets because it rounds your shoulders and makes you look submissive. Instead, clasp your hands together in front of your body. Place your other hand casually in your pocket if you’re holding a drink.
  3. Pause when walking into a room. When you enter a room, have your chest up and your shoulders back, and instead of walking to your initial destination, walk in and pause for a second. Look around with a smirk on your face and your eyes smiling. If you see somebody making eye contact, give them a nod and then continue walking. You will appear self-assured, powerful, and interesting.
  4. The Steeple and Palms Up. The Steeple is a hand position indicating power and authority when speaking. Also, start communicating with your palms facing up with open body language and posture. When palms face down, you look like you’re scolding or talking down to somebody. Last, a thumbs-up is a great way to signify to somebody that you agree with them or think they’re awesome. If you’re at a meeting or a gathering, if you agree, make eye contact and give them a thumbs up with a nod.
  5. The subtle head nod. It’s subtle but incredibly powerful and confident. When you nod at someone, it lets them know you’re engaging, friendly, and supportive. Start nodding your head at more people, which will get more ‘yes’ responses and more friends.
  6. Handshake + Touch. You don’t need to be super firm and aggressive, which makes you look like you’re trying to over-compensate for something. Ensure your shake is firm by shaking one, two, three, and out. Staying too long makes you look weird. Touching the top of their hand is a great way to engage too. It’s all about patting. Don’t drag or caress because lingering too long is creepy. Don’t send a message you’re a creep or a weirdo. Just let them know that you’re open and comfortable with an instant connection of a tap.
  7. Smell better than everyone else. Sense is a powerful noncommunicating tool that you have 100% control over. You want to smell better than all the other dudes and her ex-boyfriend. Get 1 Cologne + 1 Fresh Deodorant + 1 Fresh Ball Powder for $50 (retails $84) through this Pete & Pedro link with code DATING34
  8. Manspread. Taking up space to look confident can make you look cocky, sloppy, and disrespectful. Take up your space as opposed to all of the space. Think: feet shoulder-width apart with knees open, a confident pose that will keep your balls healthier (too much heat can kill sperm). If you want to look extra powerful, lean forward a bit. You will look more interesting and engaging than somebody who hunches over.
  9. Make eye contact. Make the other person feel connected to you, but don’t look shady or shifty. Look at their eyebrows if making eye contact is uncomfortable for you.
  10. Smile! If you’re not using your smile because you hate it, get it fixed. If you’re not smiling because you think it’s weird, start doing it because you’re stupid if you’re not. A smile is one of the most powerful actions you can take to connect to somebody else automatically. It makes you seem friendly and attractive as well as inviting and open. Smiling makes you look comfortable in your own skin.

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