14 Reasons People {Secretly} Think You’re an IDIOT!

July 1, 2022
This video is not for you if you can’t handle the truth or hear things that might sting a bit because you get super offended. Also, if you’ve ever tried to cancel someone because you didn’t like what they said, get out of here because this video isn’t for you. BUT, if you’re someone who can handle a cold, hard reality check, you will love this video. I’m going over things you may be doing to make people secretly think you’re an idiot.

They think you look like a FOOL if you …

  1. Smoke anything — too many studies demonstrate that the nicotine from cigarettes will destroy your health. Weed kills motivation, and vaping looks super trashy.
  2. Are a sloppy ass drunk — people don’t want to be around drunks as they’re a liability.
  3. Get into fights — you need to look in the mirror and evaluate why this is happening. 
  4. Simp — seeking validation and attention like this wastes so much time, energy, money, and dignity.
  5. Spend above your means — don’t buy on credit just to look good or be popular. And stop spending money you don’t have.
  6. Do not have identity theft or fraud monitoring — I learned the hard way, having my bank account hacked. Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime out there, and these scammers are looking for idiots who don’t have any type of monitoring. Try Aura for 14 days free. Protect yourself from America’s fastest-growing crime. Free trial for new members only; see site for details and source for stats. Competitor comparisons are based on my personal experience; results may vary.
  7. Blame other people for your problems — intelligent, competent, and confident alphas know that if there’s something they want to change, they can change it.
  8. Argue or talk politics on social media — you will never ever change someone’s mind.
  9. Not like someone because they’re different — you don’t have to agree with how they live to respect someone.
  10. Use profanity and talk sex all the time — people will tune you out.
  11. Drive like an asshole — this includes road rage, speeding around town, not using turn signals, tailgating, and driving a super loud, aggressive car.
  12. Try to look tough and hard — you will look like a douche.
  13. Take too many selfies
  14. Do not exercise — take care of your body by lifting weights and working out to live as long and healthy as possible.

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