6 Ways Scientifically PROVEN to Make Your {Manhood} 3X HARDER!

March 10, 2023
Sometimes, when you get ready to rock and roll, Big Al is strong and sexy. It’s hard and strong. But at other times, it’s like trying to jam a warm stick of butter into a light socket. That’s not enjoyable for anybody. Here are steps you can take that will naturally make it harder and stronger… solid. And when I say solid, I mean rock solid.

Get Big Al rock solid!

  1. Exercise. Cardiovascular exercise gets the blood pumping. Doing cardio regularly will result in a bigger and stronger Big Al from increasing blood flow. Lifting weights also does the trick because it increases testosterone levels.
  2. Testosterone. Testosterone increases firmness and thickness. But, if your levels need to be adjusted, Roman, a men’s health clinic, handles testosterone testing and treatment. 50% of men have something going on with their bodies preventing them from enjoying amazing sex. Go to ro.co/alpha for 20% off your first order.
  3. Healthy diet. Crappy foods and a high BMI reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and ED. It also reduces your chance of high blood pressure, constricting blood flow to Big Al. To get that blood flow pumping, eat spicy peppers with capsaicin. Onions also increase blood flow because of their antioxidant properties. Cinnamon also increases blood flow with other circulatory benefits, and caffeine is a vasodilator which means vessels become bigger with more blood flow. Fatty fish like salmon have omega-3s which are gold for raging boners as it helps with blood flow and reduces blood pressure making everything work more efficiently. Also, do not eat a big meal before getting frisky because blood flow is diverted to your gut for digestion.
  4. Get better sleep. Less than 6 hours of sleep or sleep apnea will increase the risk of developing ED. Also, good sleep will reduce anxiety and stress. Epinephrine is released when your body feels anxious or stressed out, which increases blood flow to places like your heart and brain but diverts it from places like your weiner. Cortisol is also released during stress, increasing your likelihood of man boobs and not having stellar erections.
  5. Reduce alcohol consumption and stop nicotine. Nicotine is a constrictor that is not conducive to dilation. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and prevents the brain + Big AL action causing a semi (aka whiskey weenie).
  6. Consider natural supplements. L-Arginine is an amino acid that will convert into nitric oxide, a vasodilator. L-Citrulline is another amino acid that increases the amount of nitric oxide, promoting better blood flow. The herb Horny Goat Weed reduces blood pressure and increases action. Also, Ginseng is helpful. Make sure to talk to your doctor and do your own research before taking supplements. Some supplements can counteract prescribed medications, and the FDA does not regulate herbs, vitamins, and supplements. Make sure you’re also buying from a reputable company.

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No matter how perfect your diet is, you’re not going to get the quantities of micronutrients that you need. A multivitamin is designed to give you a baseline, even if your diet is good, to ensure you get the micronutrients to support your body functions. But, not all vitamins are created equal. If you’re taking synthetic vitamins, you’re not absorbing them entirely because your body doesn’t know what to do with them. You end up peeing them out, wasting money. Get your nutrients from whole-food vitamins, which you must take more than one a day because all the micronutrients cannot be packed into a single pill. But your body will know what to do with these nutrients. Also, taking an additional supplement of Biotin is one of the best things you can do for your skin and hair strength. You can take the whole-food multivitamin and Biotin together.

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