5 Sexy Date Outfits Women Can’t Resist!

November 26, 2023
The inspiration for today’s video is an outfit I wore when I took my wife out for a day date on a Sunday. We went out to get coffee and brunch and then went to the park. I thought my outfit screamed sexy, casual, and cool.

So this got me thinking of it more about sexy date outfit ideas that are guaranteed to drive spicy señoritos loco. I want you to take these outfits as inspiration and modify them to make them your own. Check out the video for more details and inspiration.

The foundations for IRRESISTIBLE date style

  1. Dark Monochromatic. Joggers, full zip up, mock neck shirt, and black minimal leather sneakers.
  2. Refined Rugged. Suede Chelsea boots, medium wash denim, white henley, and navy blue pea coat.
  3. Denim. Jeans, minimal sneakers, black t-shirt, bomber jacket. You can change it up with Chelsea boots, a henley, a light sweater, or a different jacket
  4. Cardigan. Cardigan with a white t-shirt, green cotton pants cuffed, and sneakers.
  5. Mix and Match. Pants from a suit, navy v-neck sweater, and Oxford shoes.

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