15 Shirts Grown Men Should NEVER Wear … EVER!

November 24, 2023
As you evolve, your choices and tastes including should also evolve. So when you’re young, you will wear more questionable items that are more stylized or fashion-forward. As you age and evolve, your style choices will also grow up. Today, I will review some shirts that grown men should never wear.

Stop wearing these types of shirts

  1. Striped. Stripes are pretty bad as a general rule., especially horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes will make you look lighter and like a little boy. As you mature, go for more solid and some dude. You will look more refined and sexy.
  2. Too tight. Tight shirts and button-ups are not good. If you sit down and your buttons look ready to pop, you need to size up.
  3. Pit stains. If your white shirts have pit stains, throw them out. You can solve this problem by using an antiperspirant without aluminum.
  4. Big collars. Never wear a button-up shirt that has an oversized collar. It may be more comfortable, but it will look too big.
  5. Oversized. (a) you can get away with oversized trends when you’re younger. It looks more appropriate. But you should avoid it when you’re a grown-ass man because it’ll make you look sloppy. (b) Also, make sure your sleeves aren’t too long. You need to ensure your arms look muscular and expose a little tricep. If you’re covering them up by wearing an oversized sleeve, your arms will look super skinny.
  6. Tank tops and wife beaters. As a general rule, adult men look a bit stupid wearing tank tops and wife-beaters. You’ll look like a guido.
  7. Collars that have quit. Have a collar that is up. Collars & Co polos kick the crap out of standard polos, which have floppy collars. You want an elevated polo, like these from Collars & Co.
  8. Sweaters with balls & fur. Never wear a sweater that has a lot of sweater fuzz. Invest in a shaver from Amazon, which is super affordable. And while you’re at it, grab a lint roller for fur and hair removal.
  9. Offensive t-shirts or sweatshirts. You may think it’s funny, but it’s not funny. Do not wear anything defensive.
  10. Youthful hoodies. Hoodies can make you look super childish and immature. Make sure it’s not gigantic. Opt for a hoodie that’s more stylized. Also, graphics on the sleeves or across the chest will make you look youthful.
  11. Overly buttoned. You need to unbutton two buttons minimum. You can unbutton three buttons at the maximum and ensure you do not have an undershirt visible.
  12. Sloppy sleeve rolls. When wearing a button-up, ensure your rolls are clean instead of big and floppy. You want to make your forearm look more prominent and sexier because women dig a dude’s forearm.
  13. Matching jeans perfectly.
  14. Past your crotch. If the shirt comes past your crotch, it’s too long. You want to make sure that it is halfway between the bottom part of your crotch and your button.
  15. Funny holiday shirts. If you wear it to a party, that’s fine. But opting to wear it because you think it will be fun and zany is not a good idea.

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