Alpha M. Shopping VLOG | Testing AFFORDABLE Denim Brands to Find the BEST Jeans!

March 24, 2022
I have a denim conundrum — all of my jeans are skinny jeans. I look like a sausage in them, so I am now shopping for some affordable denim. A lot of my skinny jeans were expensive, so I am now looking for denim under $100.

Denim under $100

I was shooting for the GAP, but it’s closed. So, I start at J. Crew. It ends up being a huge miss with the jeans having no stretch and being too tight in the butt/quad area. Banana Republic is next up. They are long like all of my jeans, but I like them. The pockets are clean, and the denim is simple and crazy comfortable. American Eagle is the next stop, where I try on medium wash with mild distressing. They carry smaller sizes both in waist and length. The jeans are not super tight in the thigh or ankle, and the rise looks good. My butt looks amazing too! I try on a pair at Express, which I love the stretch, which makes them crazy comfortable. I worry they’re a bit too tight as I am getting away from the skinny jeans. Checking out Macy’s, I select a slim and slim tapered pair (they have a lot of selections). They have a buy one, get one 50% off. Shopping is now finished.

Who’s the winner?

Back at the office, I show you the different pairs. You decide which is the best. Who’s the winner? What do you think is the best denim under $100?

  • Banana Republic — slim fit, stretchy, fit is pretty perfect. I love the look and fit! $110
  • American Eagle — a little long, medium wash, not crazy tight, perfect rise, gradual tapered ankle, lots of stretch, comfortable. I’m obsessed! $49
  • Levis — slim tapered (512s), not as much stretch as other pairs, tailored through the thigh, tapered at the ankle, indigo color. Amazing denim! $60

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