14 Items Stylish Guys Would NEVER Be Caught DEAD Wearing!

November 4, 2022
The inspiration for this video is from a text I received from one of my ex-friends. When they asked this question, I realized I couldn’t be friends with him anymore. He wanted to know where he could find a white belt to match his white sneakers. I exclaimed that no self-respecting stylish man would EVER be caught dead wearing a white belt. This situation got me thinking about other items that a stylish dude would never wear. As a disclaimer, I’m not saying that these things don’t look amazing on you, but I would never wear them.

Deal-breaking style choices

  1. Apple watches. I know you don’t look at a man and think he’s stylish for wearing an Apple watch.
  2. Dirty white sneakers. Every dude should have a pair of white sneakers because they’re incredibly functional and versatile. But if they get dirty, they’re not stylish. And NEVER wear a white belt with your white sneakers! Go with a canvas Anson belt from Anson Belt & Buckle. These belts coordinate incredibly well by combining different fabrics, patterns, and textures. Your outfit will become more compelling and richer. As a side note, if you wear black high-shine shoes, ensure your belt leather matches the texture and finish. Also, if you wear dress shoes, a casual belt will not look as good, especially when the shoes are paired with a suit.
  3. Black shoes with everything. One of the most basic style mistakes is thinking that black shoes match everything. Black shoes are basic and boring.
  4. Untailored suits. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the suit if it’s untailored. An untailored suit won’t fit your body correctly. I would rather wear a $200 suit that has been tailored as opposed to a $2,000 suit that has not been tailored.
  5. Busted belts. The average belt with holes will end up with dents and indentations. Anson belt is to the rescue here. Whether you gain or lose weight or wear different thicknesses of pants (jeans vs. dress pants), the Anson belt can be adjusted with the cleanest aesthetic. Anson belts do not have any holes because they use a micro-adjustment track system. No nasty marks on your belt. Anson buckles and straps are interchangeable, so you can switch up for different combinations.
  6. Little boy backpacks. They are functional, but there’s a difference between one that is huge & bulky versus one that is more minimal and stylish. What you carry is part of your total package; if you carry a little boy backpack, you will not look as stylish.
  7. Super tight and/or overly distressed denim.
  8. Muffin top shirts. A muffin top is when a tucked shirt bellows over, making you look like a muffin popped out. Look streamlined by spending a little bit more money to get a fitted shirt.
  9. Anything a woman bought. Women don’t understand men’s bodies or how to look stylish and sexy as a dude. Style is a man’s responsibility, and if he is letting a woman shop for him, he might as well have his style nuts cut off.
  10. Too much fragrance. You should smell amazing because scent is one of the most powerful nonverbal communicating tools. But if you wear too much, a good thing becomes bad.
  11. Fundies. You’ll never find a stylish dude rocking a pair of big, baggy, fun underwear. If a man is ready to get down with a spicy señorita, and he’s standing there rocking a big pair of fundies, it’s game over.
  12. Stupid sunglasses. Some sunglasses make you look like a douche, like Pit Vipers that were hot for about half a second. Sunglasses can make you look even sexier when you wear a classic style that looks amazing on you and works with your face shape.
  13. Whack ass gym clothes. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash, but you need to be known as the stylish dude no matter where you go, whether to church, out with friends, on a date, or to the gym.
  14. Boxy leather jackets. Leather jackets make you look like a style stud if they are not bulky and baggy. Also, fake leather (aka plastic) is not stylish.

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