6 GENIUS Hacks to Smell BETTER Than Other Guys!

May 6, 2022
Some guys smell horrible, some smell not great, and some smell amazing! And you’re soon to be smelling sexier than all other dudes after I tell you this.

Your scent will exceed 99.97% of other dudes by…

  1. Wearing a mild deodorant — most deodorants have a super pungent and overpowering fragrance. And when you mix the scent of deodorant + body wash + fragrance, confusion occurs. By switching to a mild deodorant, your signature scent will project better. Tip: applying deodorant to your feet or crotch is not a good option because it doesn’t stop wetness. 
  2. Trimming your pits and bush — the long fuzz under your armpits makes you sweat more, so trim it. Even if you’re not into manscaping, you’re a savage if you rock a monster man bush. It makes Big Al look itty bitty, and you’re hotter down there, which causes odor to form. Take down the length.
  3. Eliminating musky nuts — use high quality, non-talc-based powder (Pete & Pedro Powder) daily on your nuts and butt crack to stop stinky balls and swamp ass.
  4. Stopping stinky feet — use the same powder for your feet (in your shoes) after exfoliating (Pete & Pedro Foot File) at the end of your shower when your callouses are soft. Tip: you can try an antiperspirant deodorant on your feet to make them sweat less.
  5. Rotating a signature scent  — on a weekly basis, alternate between three to four fragrances to keep people guessing and not get used to your fragrance. My all-time favorite is Creed Aventus which is very pricey at $350. Not wanting to pay that price inspired me to create REBEL EDP. Build your fragrance arsenal. Try Pete & Pedro’s other fragrances, too: Villain (inspired by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille), HERO (inspired by Acqua di Gio), and KING (inspired by Creed Green Irish Tweed).
  6. Making your fragrance last longer — after your shower, moisturize your body with an unscented product. Then, after your skin dries, apply fragrance. Instead of soaking in, the moisturizer will allow the scent to stay on top. You can also use a dab of Vaseline on your pulse points to make your fragrance last longer.
  7. Hitting your pulse points — apply fragrance to your chest, neck, and behind your ear (but not your wrists). Have fragrance where people can smell it, which is up by your head.
  8. Not using body sprays — these stink and are disgusting! They are way too overpowering and off-putting.
  9. Having fresh breath— go to the dentist every 6 months, brush & floss regularly, use a tongue scraper, and stay hydrated.
  10. Keeping your car and bedroom fresh — make sure you keep them both clean and wash your sheets.

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