7 UGLY Pants Men Should NEVER Wear

January 25, 2024
I traveled to Philadelphia to get together with friends I hadn’t seen in 30 years. We got together, we had dinner, and it was terrific. We decided to have a picture taken, and I noticed puddling and baggy pants. So, with that being said, I’m hoping some of them will watch this video and fix the ugly situation that’s killing their style.

All pants are not created equal. Some are created super tight, some too big and baggy, and some too casual. Make sure you’re wearing pants that make you look sexy. Always choose sexy!

Don’t kill your style with FUGLY pants!

  1. Puddling. Nothing will make you more dumpy, frumpy, and more looking like a math teacher than wearing big baggy pants. To maximize your aesthetic, you want pants the proper length. If wearing slacks, a little break is fine. But if you’re wearing jeans, a little stack is OK. But if you’re wearing something big and baggy (like drooping ball skin around your shoes), you must tighten it up. Either get them hemmed & tapered or size down. You may not be as tall as you think you are.
  2. Extra room. If you have a lot of fabric in the crotch, it’ll make your legs look super short and throw off your proportions. If you have a lot of extra room in your legs, you need to tighten it up.
  3. Too tight. Your jeans are too tight if you can tell that you’re circumcised. Your jeans are too tight if you can see your hamstring glute transition. You want to be able to pinch about an inch on either side of your thigh when you’re standing.
  4. Overly distressed. If you have a bunch of tearing or ripping and a lot of distressing, such as artificial discoloration, you will look stupid. Distressed jeans were popular about eight years ago, but not anymore. You want to ensure pants are tailored, fit properly, and are not overly beaten up or distressed.
  5. Ath-loser-wear – you look like a loser if you’re wearing big, baggy, gigantic workout pants or janky-ass joggers. You need to upgrade the quality and style of your casual wardrobe. Check out Cuts Clothing. You can dress their joggers up or down. Be sure to check out my examples.
  6. Flaring pockets. When pockets are on the sides of the pants, flaring can happen (unlike denim with front pockets). The pockets will pop out if pants with side pockets are too small for your package and booty. Typically, you can size up in the waist for extra room. The downside to sizing up is that the pants will also be oversized in other areas. So, have them tailored — both shortened and tapered. One alteration that guys neglect to think about is tapering. They’ll have their pants shortened but not tapered, making them look too wide at the ankle.
  7. Cuffed & pleated. Cuffs typically look good on 6’2 models. If you’re not, you’ll look shorter. Anything that breaks that visual line from your shoulders to your ankle must be eliminated. Cuffs are one of those details that will break the visual line. Typically, when you see cuffed pants, you’ll also see pleats. Pleats will make you look absolutely horrible. The standard dude does not look good in pleats because they’re designed to be pulled up to the navel for pleats to lay flat. Most dudes wear their pants lower, which opens the pleats, making them look pear-shaped. They’ll have a lot of extra fabric around the midsection, making them look soft and doughy. This is not sexy.

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